Anyone looking to rent at the moment?

Bloody nightmare in Dublin atm, its a landlord’s market right now, let me tell you. :angry:

Yeah Ive been tracking rents in particular areas and they are not coming down.
It seems like whenever theres some tightness in the market prices are extremely quick to rise. But when demand slackens, landlords prefer to wait for a high paying tenant rather than drop the price a bit.

There could be seasonal factors starting to come into play now as students start to rent apartments for the coming academic year. And many of the polish students who were just here for the summer havent headed back to Poland yet.

I’m looking at the moment. Determined to live either within walking distance of work or on the Dart Line. Rent is still substantially cheaper than the interest on a mortgage in the areas I’m looking at.

You can live in a very nice 2 bed apartment in the city center with the Dart on your doorstep and secure parking for about 1700-1900 Euro. That sounds like a lot but if you have two people earning very good money and you only need a car for weekends, and you don’t have the hour or more commute from the arse end of nowhere then it seems like a good deal to me.

There’s certainly pleanty to choose from.

I wasn’t planning on moving back to Dublin, but If I’m going to be stuck here for a few months or a year then I’ll make the most of it.


shanegl, what kind of nightmares are you having?

I’ve just started looking. I’m thus far not impressed. I’ve never rented in Ireland before and I don’t understand the “system” - or I can’t detect a system. So my experience so far…

Rang about apartment the moment it was posted on Wednesday night. Guy said “How about tomorrow at 1930? Text me your name, I’ll call you tomorrow.” I said “Great.” Tomorrow comes and no word, so I call him to confirm. He’s not handling that property any more. I call the guy who’s handling it now - “the” viewing is at 4 (and the price has gone up). So I go to it, along with everyone else. He doesn’t want any info from us, he doesn’t seem to take down any note of interest. Yet they’ll decide by tomorrow (?) - and yesterday evening the ad disappears.

Also replied to another by email yesterday (they said email replies only) 2.5 hours after it went up. Sorry, it’s already been let. But we have another one viewing next Monday. “You’re welcome to view it.” I’m sure I am - but am I actually being considered as a tenant or is this just a way to keep the EA busy?!

How the hell does this work?

I’ve given up until December. I was just looking to rent a room, not lease a place outright. Too many people chasing too few places in my experience. Not worth all the hassle.

Those comments are very interesting. Obviously certain properties are going to have a lot more applicants than others. Apartments for less than 900/month will get a lot of applicants compared to one advertised at 1700/month.

Can I ask you regarding the experiences you described above Exiled, what were those properties advertised at and where were they located?

Hi TruthSpeaker,

Good south Dublin suburb, all properties about 1600 for 2-bed.

If it’s really interesting I will keep a blog of my experience here until I find a place to live :slight_smile:

Can’t say I had any difficulty.

Watched Daft for about 2 weeks to get a feel for what was out there.
Viewed a place. Liked it.
Viewed another place. More expensive and much smaller.
Called first place and took it.

Perhaps I got lucky.


Supply is up more than 40% in Dublin since the 1st October.

I suspect there was a little less demand for the place you viewed then?

There was no question of me calling back and ‘taking’ the place I viewed - the EA was being mobbed by people with deposits in hand at the viewing, and was refusing to divulge his mobile phone number.

Depends on the type of place → Supply and Demand.

Was having a look at a new place to rent with g/f. Place was kind of at the top of our budget, and although it was a great location, the place itself was below average in terms of decor and fixtures fittings and furnishings.

Had a good chat with the landlady and all that. She would ring us back that evening. She didnt.

I guess they must have had a lot of interest because it was back up on daft the next day for 200 more. Back up a week later for the original price, so god knows. Rental situation in ireland is as shoddy as the purchasing system.

Find somewhere reasonable with a decent landlord and keep the head down seems to be the best bet.

Bizarre and yet inventory continues to rise, there are several to lets all appropriately overpriced in several brand new developements, there are prime business properties in Balsbridge, Malahide and north Dublin that have been to let for years! “Turfing out” tenants during a planned sale was good strategy when time on market was measured in hours, but now that it is months, or years the owner can eaily lose 24,000 in rent revenue while waiting for a sale. And yet this practice is all too common with Irish slumlords.

When rents were falling, we asked for a reduction (Irish people really need to learn how to bargain), lanlord said no so we found a bigger, better place for less, he let his sit empty for 8 months before finally renting it for 15% less than we had been willing to pay.

Set a daft email watch for what you’re willing to pay and wait. With rent inventory going through the roof, its only a matter of time before the law of supply and demand applies, even here in Ireland. Just ask a builder.

“Strange game… The only way to win is not to play” – WHOPPER computer in War Games.


Some anecdotal evidence of the rental mania cooling off. Went to a viewing in a highly sought-after location this eve. Place has been on daft for over a week, priced similar to recent rentals. Only 3 at the viewing.

Without the mob it didn’t seem so appealing after all :slight_smile: