anyone notice all the estate agents offices opening

im from a midlands town and i can safely say that 5 new estate agent offices have opened in the last 3 months.
i know that all the agents had been working in other larger offices but have gone out on their own.
have they all opened their offices with their redundancy payments.
do we need more ejits trying to sell the same houses.

Presumably the banks are still willing to lend them money to get their businesses running. I hope to Christ they’re not burning through their redundancy cheques with this…

At least then, when the business fails, they won’t be personally ruined.

Do you need 5 estate agents in a midlands town? Especially when few people are buying? Sounds like a nightmare for them.

You can track them using a combination of daft ( and the wayback machine. (

wayback machine.

Not sure which midlands town you are referring to, but AE’s are sprouting up like daisy’s on main street Portlaoise. There were too many in town as it was, but these recent additions came after the downturn :unamused: In fact it has gotten to the point that apart from pubs and estate agents there are very few other businesses on the main street.

What are the chances the estate agents are getting the properties rent free while they advertise other empty properties belonging to panicking developers?

Maybe it takes a lot of shop-front to advertise all the excellent investment opportunities there now are in Portlaoise!

It is hard to see more agents surviving on a much smaller pool of business. It will be a tough haul ofr most of these I would reckon

But competition is good. I encourage it. Hopefully, some of these will pull through by providing better value and service than the lethargic encumbants.

did anybody ever think that maybe the people opening them were the top sales people in the older more established places and that they have a loyal and performing client book so they just went out on their own? doom and gloom is fine, but in any market crash, no matter how severe there are survivors. And personally I think i’d rather be floating my own boat in a time like this rather than being open to the whims of a corporate EA who could fire you in a second. And besides, the new local brands will likely be better for what competition remains and bring down EA fees. You should be thanking them, not hoping they fail ya f"£ken begrudgers!

MB, I don’t see any thing on this thread that implies that anyone hopes the fail.

Begrudgers me ass, these are the lovely people who happily fleeced the unsuspecting FTB with a 40 yr investment in a dump that will probably fall down long before then.

Top salespeople? Jesus you have some imagination, more like paid up members of the Ali Baba association.

Roscommon Town has 12 estate agents last time i counted.


You would need at least 12 to advertise all of the property available. I am sure all of them have their windows full of properties.