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Female Muslim gardaí will be permitted to wear headscarves under new rules due to be announced by Garda Commissioner Drew Harris.

Mr Harris has sanctioned alterations to the garda uniform code to allow the incorporation of certain items of clothing relating to religious groups.

Under the new rules, members of the Sikh religion will be permitted to wear turbans and Muslim women will be allowed wear a partial hijab or headscarf.

The burka and the niqab, which are worn by some Muslim women and cover up much more of the body and face, will continue to be prohibited while on duty.

The newly-sanctioned garments will be supplied by the Garda and will come in the standard blue colour to match the rest of the garda uniform.

The Irish population is made up of 82.2 per cent “white Irish” with the remainder coming from various ethnic minorities, according to the most recent census.

This approach is in line with that adopted by police services such as the PSNI, Police Scotland, New Zealand Police, NYPD, and other police services in UK, Australia and Canada.

“We hope that this will encourage people from minority communities to join An Garda Síochána. We want to demonstrate to them that An Garda Síochána is an inclusive employer that is serious about becoming more diverse,” Harris added.



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