Apartment in Harold's Cross to sell or stay - please advise.

On the advice of her solicitor and family, (they wanted to see her secure following the death of her father) a friend who has a learning disability bought an apartment for 297,000 in Harold’s cross mid 2007.
She paid cash (left by father with instructions to buy herself a home) of 247,000 and got a small mortgage of 50,000. She thought she would be there for ever, however she is not happy and still upset at having to leave her family home - which was sold and divided between other siblings. She now wants to buy a small house. She has a very small income from low paid job.

One apartment in same block is now selling for 245,000.
I would think she should sell right now before the price goes down even more, if only she can but she thinks she that she has to stay there at least 2 years whether this is due to inheritance (she inherited 250,000 from father) or whether it is due to first time buyer/stamp duty, I am not sure.

I would be very grateful for any advice you can offer.

not sure on the 2 year thing - would need someone independent (another solicitor?) to explain/reassure to her whether this actually applies - I don’t think this is a normal condition but there may be something in the will about it.

Financially she could sell, rent for 2 years, and buy a house a few miles away - but would this make her happier - it’s a lot of hassle… She may have trouble getting a mortgage in the future, dont mean to be patronising but effort may be better spent getting her to accept the current situation.

I am also not sure baout the two year thing, but if being reinvetsed in a home not sure how there could be an issue. But if someone really does not like an apartment why live there forever if there is a choice? This hosue daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=446728&search=1 is not much more than the apartment so if there are no stamp duty issues etc she may be happier if they would take a realistic offer…

You are asking for advice on what could be a legal issue. We can’t give that. Only a soliciter can give you legal advice.

You should take Any replies on this thread as Opinion only and NOT Advice.

If you want legal advice, seek out a soliciter.

now, with that disclaimer done… :unamused:

Firstly, I think she should establish:

  • does she really want to move to a house
  • what locations have houses that she could afford based on what she expects to get from selling the apartment
  • if she really wants a house in those locations

As for the 2 year thing, I’ve never heard of it

Thanks for the replies. I think, yes it would be better for her to accept the current situation but I don’t know if this will happen - she seems to dislike it more the longer she is there. I think financially she would be better off to sell this year than this. I think the advice to see a different solicitor is good and will suggest this so at least she might get a clearer understanding of what her options are.