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I apologise for starting a property related thread on the conspiracypin, but I’ve now gone sale agreed on my third attempt to purchase an apartment in dun laoghaire.

The first one fell through because our surveyor and solicitor both strongly recommended against it as there were various difficulties including an upcoming retrofit to fix huge fire safety issues.

The second fell through because the vendor just kept wanting more money and kept giving ultimatums on closing while we still had outstanding queries.

The third attempt has now revealed big problems and we are again recommended against proceeding. At this point, the need to stop being in short term accommodation is overwhelming and inclined to proceed anyway.

Does every building in Dun Laoghaire suffer from this? Does every purchaser just hold their nose and proceed?

Unfortunately, choosing somewhere other than Dun Laoghaire is not an option for reasons beyond my control.


Great opening line!


You have done the right thing so far in my opinion. Act in haste repent at leisure.

Is this place near the library? Watch out for the crass Christmas Market: there were complaints about it last year particularly the noise. I wouldn’t want Jingle Bells on a loop piped in my window for four weeks, but I am particularly noise intolerant.

Try to stretch yourself and buy a house. Sweeping generalisation: New build apartments in Ireland are shoddy quality.


‘for reasons beyond my control’ often means a partner won’t budge on the matter. This should be explored because the enjoyment of a property (for years into the future) very often is affected by the arrangements surrounding the move into it, feeling bounced into it by a pushy vendor or other aspects of the transaction can be a source of irritation for years to come, which is not worth going through, there will be good properties to purchase in Dun Laoghaire and good luck with finding a suitable one, there’s no doubt we’ve now entered the start of a very long-lasting buyers’ market in this country but vendors and their agents still have the habit of upper hand in their favour, all that’s needed is call their bluff and watch 'em fold like a row of dominoes


Do you mind me asking what apartment blocks you have problems with?


Great point. I know a guy who attributes his ultimate divorce to being bounced into a bad property decision.


Brook house appears to be good quality. The pavilion is popular. As is the one across the road from the dart station. Are you trying to buy apartments in old converted houses ?


No, all three properties I went sale agreed upon were in apartment blocks built or converted from another usage pre-2010. I think I have looked at at least one, and in some cases 4 or 5 apartments in every apartment block in Dun Laoghaire and the nearby suburbs.

As you say, the quality is generally very poor. Pavilion apartments that I’ve seen are mostly ones which have been rented out for 20 years and are not in good condition (there are some lovely ones in there, but it is the exception I think, and they are priced accordingly). As for Marine Walk - I was looking forward to those coming onto the market, but, one of the apartments I viewed there, the ‘master bedroom’ could not fit a king sized bed and none of the corners were 90 degrees.

Then, when I find a place which is actually nice and not requiring huge renovation, it turns out that the fire stopping (for example), is non-existent, or the critical files I needed from the DLR CoCo have gone mysteriously missing (my surveyor said it reminded him of Watergate) or the OMC has no sinking fund or doesn’t even exist, or they have huge unfunded works pending, or the whole thing is owned by a receiver as the builder is long bust, or the construction was so shoddy that there are unexplained water leaks in bad weather or, all of the above. I mean, I may be unusually persistent in chasing these issues to ground, but I am struggling to understand how anyone proceeds to closing.

I managed to once talk to someone who had just purchased in one of these places (I pushed letters under the door to the lobby and some people got back to me), and they said “Yes, my surveyor said don’t touch it with a barge pole, and my solicitor said you would be crazy to proceed, but you just need to go ahead with it, I mean the location is brilliant”.

Sorry, this turned into a bit of a rant rather than anything else, but if someone has found a path through all of this and has happily purchased an apartment in central Dun Laoghaire, I would love to hear about it.


I’m afraid buying an apartment in Ireland is pretty close to impossible. The 20% that don’t have quality/fire/space/sound issues are reduced further by rapacious/incompetent/underfunded/dysfunctional management companies. The only solution lies in a small number of 70s and 80s blocks managed by management committees of retired accountants - but there’s only a handful scattered across the city. I would look for something other than an apartment to be honest. I’d love to downsize to a decent apartment but I quite simply gave up looking and will probably leave my present (slightly) oversized (for my needs) house in a box.


Don’t know if I should laugh or cry


Join Local face book groups and ask on them what build x is like it will give you a good feel for the area. Have you looked at other areas, even as far out as Shankill. I wouldn’t waste time is your solicitor says not to proceed as they have to give an undertaking to the bank and may be forced to say no.


Seems like you’ve done alot of due diligence. There’s a new block behind the pavilion that surely is up to standard and was marketed recently but I’m sure you’ve explored that. Is there a reason why it has to be an apartment ? There would be a number of viable housing alternatives in the area for similar money to an apartment in one of those blocks


Yes, I’ve looked at several apartments in that block, I can’t quite believe it was built to such a poor standard, just shocking. There should be no excuses for throwing up any old shite now…

I spoke today with the architect behind the report on the 3rd apartment we went sale agreed. He was much freer with his opinions when ‘off the record’, and basically explained that in his opinion, it is likely that some parts of the building could end up being condemned and that the particular apartment we were looking at is particularly affected by the problems described. He also alluded to several highly unusual acts by the OMC.

Up until this, looking at a non-apartment was not something under my control (in the same way that the location is not), but now going to have look seriously at it.

I’m really disappointed, this is an extremely expensive emotional roller coaster of elation - sale agreed, then devastation, the building is held together with spit and bailing twine. I heard a story about someone who has gone through this 5 times already in Dun Laoghaire, but didn’t believe it until today.

I was going to purchase without a mortgage, so there is no bank involved, but when your solicitor is saying not to proceed and the architect reckons a 7 figure bill is coming down the line…!!


Cualanor/Honey Park apartments?


While working through my list of apartment blocks in Dun Laoghaire to try and figure out which ones might be worth buying, I came across these three interesting bits of information:




It looks like a €190k hair cut + stamp duty/legal/surveyor fees.

Probably another block to cross off the list.


Not sure what you mean on this? They are two different properties, one is 11 Adelphi House and one is 11 Adelphi Manor, they’re different blocks and different properties so one not achieving as much as the other does not seem to tell us much about the quality of either development.


You are right - thank you, both Adelphis should stay on the list then!


I visited some friends who owns an apartment in adelphi house on Sunday. It seems well finished. They are happy with the quality.

We looked at renting one there a couple of years back. They were renting for 2.7k per month and had sold a few months previously for 500k.

Nice yield.


Do you mind me asking what floor they were on?


Are you going to tell me your surveyer reckons the building is a fire hazard and all the people on the upper floors will die screaming ?