Apollo House 'taken over' by Activists


Anybody who is nobody is in on this one.
Kitty Holland is taking photos as well as writing the article

Protesters take over vacant Nama building for use by homeless
‘Home Sweet Home’ coalition includes Hozier, Liam O Maonlaí and Damien Dempsey
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Classy comment. Been off your couch lately?

This action will focus a light on how unacceptable the current housing situation is. How anyone could sneer at that is beyond me but this place is full of heroes just like you.


No one does classy like you. ‘Taken out’ any landlords yet?

As I pointed out on another topic yesterday, we have more people working with the Homeless in Dublin than we do actual homeless. €250m a year is spent in the area.
So forgive my cynicism in this area


Surely the building’s receiver can just have tresspassers removed from the premises? Giving homeless people free reign over a huge 10 storey building might sound great in principal to the activists, but who is going to supervise somewhere so big at all times? Sounds like an accident waiting to happen.


Ha, shows what you know, Mattress Mick is a legend, and Hozier is so hot right now, he hates the Church and priests too

All we need is for Úna Mullaliy to arrive to represent the LQBTQWERTY homeless and this movement will be perfect


On a date? Not yet, big boy. Enjoy your couch.

You claim to have read that somewhere, but you didn’t provide a link? Was it on Facebook?

You don’t like people helping other people, no? Tell us how it’s “virtue signaling”, or “social justice warriors”, or some more of your hate-speak.


How is this actually going to work? As far as I can see, its an open plan office building. Who is going to police all these people as most of them will have ‘issues’? Who is going to keep it clean? It will probably just turn into a big squat.

Or maybe these guys have a good plan on how this is going to work.


It sounded somewhat more threatening than going on a date:




You missed the bit. :unamused:


not going to end well. this is Ireland’s “Dakota pipeline” , something for the goody two-shoes and Fr. Peter Perfect “The perfect priest” activist types to get involved in and keep out of trouble over the Crimbo.

Hansard, Bonehead, Mooore and Dempsey doowop quartet sing while the stoners bring their bongos. As pointed out to me in the homelessness thread, I’m guessing there’ll be more activists than homeless in this complex.

The govt will allow for this spontaneous doss house to operate over christmas, though I predict that the bailiff goons will be sent in after Little Christmas to allow for the orderly demolition of the complex. Maybe not the goons lest Joe Duffies be informed, just send in the seriously mentally disturbed from the national psychiatric hospital to seek a spare mattress and the place will clear out.


Jim Sheridan is on The Ray Darcy show now…this will be run as a dry house with a 1-strike rule. Looking to take 30 max in.

Gardai on the scene earlier and apparently said they’re not getting involved as its a civil matter


What about the bit where it’s government policy to keep rents and house prices high? How’s that gonna happen if you stop squeezing the pips?


So breaking/entering and trespass is not breaking the law? Love the guards in this country!


Let it run. Coles2 & FreeFallin might arrange a meeting.


The celebs will leave by the 25th, they have to go home for the Christmas dinners they organized for the homeless in their own ordinary gaffs.


more behind the scenes shenanigans?

rte.ie/news/2016/1216/839385 … llo-house/


Did anyone actually report an illegal break in to any Gardai?

I think we had this before a few years ago on a thread about a guy who moved into to an empty house on a mostly empty semi finished estate. A neighbour called the guards, guards knocked on his door. He told them he hadn’t broken in, the door had been unlocked and he’d vacate immediately should the actual owner request he do so. Gardai were satisfied that it was a civil matter.


apollo house is across the road from pearse st garda station FFS. They must have had compliance from the developer.


Its been done…4 years ago in Cork irishtimes.com/news/proteste … e-1.438308 . From memory they either moved on or were removed