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What “guarantees” do you think are being breached here?

that the Irish Government could do sweetheart deals below the actual legal tax rate?

If the Irish Gov/Dinny’s mate in Revenue did a side deal to tax Denis O’Brien’s businesses at a special secret rate do you think that would be OK?

Businesses are entitled to a level playing field - your competitors getting a special lower rate (computed using a unique method) is not that


No, I was implying that the Irish Gov said whatever it took to get the referendum passed.

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So what does this mean for Facebook in Dublin…relocation of international staff based here to the new localised offices around European capitals?


Or a reduction in the corporate tax slush fund generated every year and used to buy votes in the budget?


That’s not how I read it.

If they’re making sales here they can book the revenue here.


eh, the VAT will surely be charged else where?


But they won’t be making those sales here any more:

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the local sales teams get the clients, but the teams in dublin sign off on them.


29.5 million? Oh woe, woe is us. Where on earth will we find it? The thing is, most of those companies weren’t paying any tax here either. The Dutch sandwich bit is where it all escapes to some tax haven through the Netherlands or Luxembourg having been washed in Ireland.


‘Our views on tax are different - and will come to a head soon’ - German ambassador **
The two nations’ differing stances regarding tax harmonisation will inevitably come to a head in 2018.
It is a recurring bone of contention among the bigger EU member states and smaller ones like Ireland whose selling point for foreign direct investment is led by attractive tax relief.**

Uh-oh. We’re going to be made to see sense.


Ah shure the last time a German Ambassador spoke up about Ireland he was shown to be talking through his hat!


truly a simpler time! … 18339.html


The German ambassador was on the money on certain items in 2007, but what German/Nordic alternative was he advocating as regards immigration?


Giveaway election anyone


State recovers €14.3bn from Apple over alleged State aid … -1.3633191


WTF? Why not CASH???


It makes sense. Corporate bonds are yielding about 1% at the minute and can be converted into cash at short notice. Cash would need to be lodged with the ECB which is paying 0.25%. If Ireland does win/lose the eventual case the extra cash from bond coupon will be turned over to the Irish state.