Apple Products


Following on from my IT question - what’s the general opinion on Apple products? (I know there is a discussion on the share price already)

I think the hardware is of a very low standard. My iBook wont work for a second time in 4 years (I spent $300 getting it fixed 18 months ago and refuse to spend the money again)

Had to replace the power cable due to it splitting

I have gone through 4 nanos (only used them in the gym and am usually quite careful with anything electric/expensive)

Gone through 3 sets of apple headphones (now use philips - much better quality and cheaper)

iTouch is ok but gets little use

iPhone is getting slower and slower the more apps I use and the more photos I take. I am just waiting for it to crash (I thought it happened already a couple of months ago but got it going again)

Am I just unlucky with their products?


I’m not an apple fan but I do have an iphone. The charger is hilariously unusable to plug in, so I use the cables in the car or plugged into my non-mac laptop. But the cables are atrocious. I’ve got two - one in the car all the time, and they are fraying at the joins. I’ve never seen that in a charger cable for anything, ever. My mac-loving friend says it’s unusual but two cables, two frayed ends, I’m not buying it.

The iphone is fine, but a slippery fecker that occasionally does bizarre things - like shutting itself off when the battery isn’t flat, or taking umpteen screenshots on the camera, but it generally rights itself after a couple of hours. I have a second phone always, so I’m not stuck, but it’s hassle.

We had mac computers for years at home and the IT teacher in the school I used to work in swore by them, but they gave a lot of trouble. I’ve had a lot less trouble with pcs and non-mac stuff.


Possibly this only happens to non-mac fanboys because I’ve noticed it as well. I own an iPhone and an iPod. Had an iPod nano which I gave my mother.

I am certain my one switches itself to silent on occasion. I haven’t worked out how the hell it does this given the button design but it happens.

For me, the nano was fine - I liked it, it’s basically dependable; I gave it to my mother and it just works. the iPod itself (120gig) crashes more frequently than my PC does. The iPhone I like the interface per se but get the impression that with it, I’m heading for vendor lock-in sort of not unlike the specialist home computers of 25-30 years ago. Would be tempted not to get an iPhone next time out but my music is all through iTunes whcih is also not ideal. that being said, I was reading soem stuff this morning that suggests Android, for all its vaunted openness has some limitations as well.

I like the look of the Experia phones. I may go back to Sony next time out.


I’ve been a Macbook and iPhone user for just over 2 years now and I even converted OW! But, I’ve just ordered a Nexus One and a new laptop and I’m moving back to Linux/Windows. Both the power adapters on my and my wife’s Macbook are soldered and taped together since they were a few months old after they came out of the power block.

My unibody Mac did survive a fall in a padded laptop bag when I slipped on ice but the entire case is now bent and the screen doesn’t close as the corner is bent over the LCD, I also can’t use the ExpressCard slot as bend in the case prevents you inserting a card. I’m pretty sure a standard Dell or whatever would have come out unscathed as it was a pretty light fall, it’s the unibody aluminium case causing the problem.

With the iPhone, I had to get three SIM replacements after the initial purchase before finally getting it working as it just wouldn’t read them, they worked fine in other phones. I’ve seen more broken iPhones than any other phone in work, even though they would be well outnumbered by Blackberries and Nokias.


Agree re: the cables. Given myself a shock more than once :frowning:


I bought an i pod and registered with I tunes . After years of buying stuff on e bay using Paypal it became a free for all with my credit card with Apple . My account was hacked from China and my card was used to buy stuff , until I cancelled my card . The people at Apple while concerned just thought that I should change my password .

What was amazing was that once they are notified of fraud there is nothing that they can do to stop shipment . I told them that it was fraud and they still shipped some laptops to China . My credit card company were all over it and told me that they always have problems with Apple .

I would rather give my credit card details to the son of the Nigerian Minister For Finance than Apple .


I am very happy with my laptop experience from apple but i can see how the unibody might not perform with a good smack but at the same time plastic has more elasticity and will crack alluminium will bend not snap. Which is it that you desire? I think alternative material liek forms of wood and hybrid materials will start to replace metals and palstic or at least advanced plastic/polymer materials. You can’t get away form the solid feeling of a unibody and too previous mac I wasn’t that interested but they got something very right with this generation, the keyboard, the screen and overall body. older mac keyboards are awful. I do dock a point for not including a “DEL”.

I originally bought an 24" iMAC and was happy with the OS so much that I bought a 13" unibody (non PRO) one an earlier model. I recently purchased the better half a 15" unibody while still expensive I’m happy with that too once I spec’d it up a bit no much mind.

I would recomend Antiglare screen for anyone buying a MAC from now on. I see however the price has gone up the feckers! The High Gloss causes eye strain if you have a lot of light sources and bright daylight conditions. LED screen are also much better for the eye from my experience. I ave problems with flourecents in general.

I don’t think I’ll be buying more Apple computers for a good while as I simply don’t have the cash or need right now.

the iPhone I’ve been very weary of because of the battery life first and cost second. I have a Nokia E52 to replace my E51 lost) and it does maybe 5-8 days in one charge if used primarily as a phone but I am not sure because it last so long I never notice. I did have awful trouble with the phone at the start and the whole body was replaced incl.motherboard and caused me a serious amount of grief for over 2 weeks without my original handset. I would advise people not to be early adopters of any model of phone or new device no matter its primacy at the time its not worth the hassle. Wait at least 6-8 months of market testing.

I’m intrigued by the nexus One much feel very much vindicated my original feelings that Apple would not hold onto the pole position in terms of OOH & WOW factor and now I know the reasons.

Its not that hard to download new firmware for you ipods and iphone for free and jailbraking is so much easier so you are not locked into apple with a little know how.

Ironically my HP printer and scanner will not work properly with my MAC and to think MAC used to be associated as the PRINT platform and print industry.

I don’t have the experience of the cables frag/fraying but if you are a heavy user any device is going to wear and tear fast.

I am waiting for a fluid eink touchscreen with enough computing power to be my next big thing. I’m not sure its on apples radar to be honest but I think its the next huge market or a similar more natural reflective screen technology and can see a lot of companies already are going for it.


No, OW. You’re not getting away with that, they’re charger cables. I don’t use them for tying up the dog, or the husband or bunches of flowers. It’s not like they’re under pressure and they’re dodgy after six months.

But you’re right about the heavy use because the battery is appalling. Mine is a work phone and on an average day needs an injection by lunchtime and sometimes another boost at night. My battered old Nokia (which has no camera or internet, fair enough), lasts weeks and lasted a couple of days before I shifted the work to the iphone.

And the volume is poor. And if you don’t clear texts regularly, that’s very slow.

I’m trying to remind myself why I have it and am having a hard time convincing myself that it was a good idea.


Agreed. I have camera cables longer that never frayed. LIkewise the charging cables for the two previous phones. And I am very heavy on the USB cables around the place.

I’m happy enough with the wifi/internet stuff I bought the phone for. And I use the phone a lot for gaming. But dammit I am still thinking I’d have been better off with an Experia. The fact that the iPhone was basically half price compared to other smart phones at the time should have warned me that I’d be better off with something else. The battery life is criminal. I’ve never needed a car charger for a phone before but I’m strongly considering it for this.


I wasn’t looking to excuse Apple. Apple historically have had Quality control issues and very bad ones at that. The stuff is made in China by a western Company with probably where marketing is Quality control.

I don’t see why there are not a least one or two models on the market with 30 day standbys at this stage.

Philips advertised one in a Company promo a few years ago but they don’t get to market. Its all about packing features which means diminished battery life. I want a phone that picks its energy via kinetic, solar and A/C it shoudl be there.#

An eink screen (as Motorola have on one deivce) should reduce energy consumption too and is even better if you mainly read text and email.


Do you know how many esteemed posters only post fucking youtube links here? Interesting looking subject title - like the sound of that - oh it’s a youtube link - 10 minutes - haven’t time - 30 minute radio mp3 definitely tl;cl

I’d be happy with text dammit.


I did that very exercise just this week and the end result was buying a Nexus, there’s not one single thing I use the iPhone for that the Nexus doesn’t do at least as well. Even the prospect of 4.0 does nothing to change that.


Apple stopped referring to themselves as ‘Apple Computers’ some time ago. They were sending a message to the rest of us that they are now a consumer electronics company, nothing else.

The only computer they sell that I’d now buy for work is the Mac Pro, & that’s massively overpriced compared to identical systems from HP, Dell et al.

I’ve a Mac Book Pro myself, & only for the fact that I had applecare I’d have had to drop it in the skip after 15 months because the screen died & Apple only warranties for a year; which frankly is pathetic for something they’ll happily charge you €1500 for !


interesting that you say that. I work HP systems at home and have a heavy interest in photography and design work. I’ve always used Windows for it for various reasons including that Macs are just too expensive. Having played with other people’s Macs, I’m still not seeing the difference of about 1800E to get a Mac versus a similarly specced PC. I mean, you wouldn’t believe what software and camera equipment I could buy for that money.


I know quite a few professional photographers and none of them use macs, now that you mention it, Calina.


Quite a few of the ones I know do use Macs but have not managed to sell the idea to me. The main software that I’d use is available for Windows, and Adobe and Apple are lining up for a fight I think so…

I’m sticking to MS for the moment.


I wouldn’t be anywhere near your level of photography, but I have to say, nothing I’ve come across beats Aperture for the Mac for working with digital photos, it’s head and shoulders above any Adobe product in terms of management, IMO. It’s got a steep learning curve, but once your up and running it’s fantastic.


Have you seen lightroom from Adobe?

I haven’t used aperture myself. I guess it the same set up.

Acdsee 3.0 is a fantastic low cost all round photo management application that is shit fast for thumbnails. it has been around for year and was always fast. Now mind you I have it installed on a quad core with the latest raptor drive and it unbelievably fast. You could copy about 60 digi camera images (average size) in the blink of an eye from one drive to the next.


I use ACDSee Pro 2.0 and have done for a few years. I tested LR when it came out and it sawed through memory. I gather it’s improved and will probably test 3 when it comes out.

But typically most of what I want I get out of ACDSee with Bridge doing one or two batch actions and PS doing all the processing. I like it a lot. Windows only though the last time I checked although that might have changed.

As I do a lot of digital art rather than pure photoprocessing I need the power of Photoshop. I know a bunch of my friends rarely go near PS if they have Lightroom. I looked at the PS LR package from Adobe but since I need other stuff more like Acrobat, Indesign and the like I reckon I’ll be going that way for a package.


I haven’t used ACDSee in nearly a decade, back when I was working in the computer games industry all the graphic designers swore by it, but even back then it wasn’t my cup of tea. I must have another look.

I haven’t used Aperture 3 yet but it seems to have brought in a lot more editing features and looks to be lining up to rival Photoshop directly.