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The numbers will continue to look decent for a good while, but I think Apple has missed the chance to turn its market superiority into a sustainable advantage - i can only see the mobile story getting worse.

(and the apple icar story is getting old - apple should be selling cars and have a secret r&d team building rockets / robots by now)



yes, agree completely! My problem with Cook – way too conservative – sitting on vast billions and what does he do? Buys Beats! He doesn’t even have to spend the cash, at the moment AAPL stock is basically currency, he should be issuing and buying up top tier companies…

apparently he met with Elon Musk and lowballed him for TSLA (which is totally believable); it would cost five times that now!

they made a mess of iTunes from the start of the iPhone integration and never fixed it; they should OWN all their users in the Apple ecosystem but it’s so flaky and badly designed that they failed on that front too; the iWatch would never have been launched (as is) by Jobs; Netflix (somehow) trounced them on streaming … it’s just amazing how many opportunities they’ve missed.


Rumour is the Beats acquisition is because they want to do away with headphone ports altogether forcing people to buy some Apple bluetooth devices for listening.


Or it could be the other way around :slight_smile:


By the way, a summary of what’s known about the apple car project: … 9823958904


Dress your iPhone up in a scary costume for Halloween … you can buy this cover that makes it look like an exploded Samsung Galaxy Note 7 :smiley: … 60415.html


Apple will be announcing new products on Thursday … iMacs, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs (just rumours at the moment) … a refresh is badly needed as the current range hasn’t had any real innovations for years - apart from the retina displays.

I’ve swapped my Surface Pro 4 back for a MacBook Pro and thankfully I don’t have to foot the bill for it. For a machine costing almost €2k ex VAT it is very underwhelming.


My Apple friends aren’t gushing over the refreshed Macbook range as they usually would be. The Touch Bar seems to be coming in for a lot of criticism (why not just make the screen touch and if you must have a Touch Bar, why not put it above the trackpad?). Bumping up the prices by $200 for the lowest range models can’t be good either.


The screen consumes pretty much the whole lid half of the clamshell. There is space on the keyboard side of the clamshell. So you end up with more screen area for less footprint.

Also, Apple screens are too beautiful to touch. Except when they’re on an iPhone or iPod Touch. So basically, whenever there’s touchscreen that’s the right design decision, and whenever there isn’t that’s also the right design decision.

Because Apple.


I laughed more than I should have at this :laughing:


Turns out sales have been ok.

First iteration of new any new macbook unibody range is always a little beta and Apple critics are some of the most vocal as they are usually hardcore fans. The have such a small product range but it’s effective across so much of daily life this is to be expected.

Looking forward to the release of the iPhone8 to see what’s in store not that it hasn’t been the most heavily leaked iPhone release in a while. It was leaking before the iPhone7 was released. :astonished:


iOS 11 General master has been leaked details pouring out here - … 1046711302



Was watching people queuing up to pay £999 for an iPhone 10 today. There seems to be no shortage of stupid gullible people savvy tech users to keep Apple afloat for the time being.


Apple, first company to make it to 1 Trillion Market Cap.


:laughing: :laughing:

Please tell me everyone was under 30 years of age ?


Was reading that one of the reasons for optimism about Apple is that the average price paid for an iPhone in the last 12 months leapt (going from memory) from c. $690 to c. $740. Those savyy tech users are getting savvier.

#463 offering deep discount with trade in on iPhone Xr, various stories suggesting sales targets have not been as expected.


Apple in the US have been doing trade-ins for a good while on most products. I got a trade in discount of $75 on my Gen1 apple watch when I got the Gen4 in the NY apple store a few weeks back.


Sales of Apple’s iPhones fell at their steepest-ever rate, according to data for the three months to the end of March.

The firm said revenue from the iPhone dropped by 17%, compared with the same period a year earlier, to $31bn.