Approaching realistic prices in Limerick?

Compared to nearby gaffs asking prices that is.
How much do you lot reckon?

That conservatory looks like it is a complete icebox in winter. Real cheap, low-quality-looking conservatory of the shoddiest kind. No door between dining area and conservatory either, which probably means that the cold permeates the kitchen-dining area as well.

Shivverrrrr…I’d want to knock it and build a decent extension out the back.

130,000 would be a generous offer, methinks.

I think it’s a lovely house, and well maintained, clean and kept.
But no offence to the owners and through no fault of their own, it’s true value is much less than desired.
I’ve seen similar houses in Letterkenny for example going for circa 100k.
Unless Limerick is different of course.

No, worth about 30k.

my offer here would be 101,209 euro, 14 set of steak knives, 3 rugby balls and 4 crates of anti-gurrier spray…no more no less…

You could get 4 of them for one of these, also on the Ennis Rd.

Nothing there that would suggest it worth that money except perhaps a stargate to 2005.

I would pay circa e105k-e110k and would I fear,feel like I had done myself when that offer was accepted .

Very grandiose price altogether (over €800,000) for the size of place on offer: no utility room listed and very small back garden that doesn’t appear to allow sufficient space to add any decent extension. Most of the rooms are small.

I’d value it at €300,000.

Well yes. Limerick and Letterkenny are very, very different.

As of the 2006 census
Limerick urban area; 110,458
Letterkenny town and environs; 17,586

They are utterly incomparable.

That said circa €100k for that type of house in Letterkenny is still much, much too high but is about what the house in the OP is worth.

Offer €11,500.