Apt 3 74/75 Fitzwilliam Lane

This one recently popped up on the register for 701k.
propertypriceregister.ie/Web … enDocument

Anyone recall seeing this for sale on myhome. Must be a pretty big apt to go for that price.


Last asking price 740k and approx 1900sq feet

Apartment one in the same building is now for sale at €395,000.

There are only three apartments in the building, third might come up for sale after this one sells n all

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -2/2363251

irishtimes.com/life-and-styl … s-1.547627

Management fee of 3k I believe

Cheap enough for a small block.

Not when you see the inside of the building. There is no “communal” areas - only the staircase and lift. And these are in very, very poor condition - looks like they haven’t been painted for a long time.

Thats probably explained by the (relatively) cheap service charge.

Take off block insurance, bins, electricity, pump maintenance etc. €9k does go very far.

Anybody who buys this should expect relatively frequent surcharges to cover major items of expenditure