Apt 4, No. 6 Mountjoy Square

1 bed apartment on first floor. 41 sq metres. €80,000 asking price.

Haven’t viewed yet. Very close to work and the city centre. I’m a sucker for high ceilings :slight_smile:

Does €80k seem like a reasonable asking price? Also I’ve walked around the Square and it doesn’ t seem as bad as it’s made out to be. Anyone have experience of the area?

Any other comments appreciated.

Many thanks.

Emailed the estate agent early this morning asking for a floorplan. No response and the price has just been increased by €15,000 to €95,000 an hour ago!!?

I used to live near there. Obviously, some parts are a bit rough, but overall it’s ok. Plenty of boho well-off types live in nearby North Great George’s St. Even at 95k seems good value to me.

BER exempt; No parking; No photos.

Oak kitchen; PVC cladding in bathroom - updating required?

Look before you leap!

plus small, even for a 1-bed

Thanks mortgageboy. Perplexed at the sudden increase in asking price. Given that there are one bed apartments in D6 going for 125k+ with much stronger rental potential 95k seems ambitious.

That’s true bryanmcd. It would definitely require updating. Also I think the square is now an area of conservation which means it will cost significantly more to make changes (as well as red tape hassle). BER situation doesn’t sound promising. I assume the place will cost a bit to heat. Also noise from road with no double glazing as well as internal sound insulation are causes for concern.

My primary search is D6/D2. Just thought I might have a look up North :slight_smile:

Anyone know how to check out past sale prices of one beds on the square? Sorry new to all this.

Just put the address into www.propertyprice.ie and you can check what properties went for as far back as January 2010