Apt. 40 Hollybrook, Brighton Road, Foxrock (-871k, -44.7%)

Was 1,595,000 then 1,950,000(!)

Now 1,900,000

Price dropped at same time as No. 42

myhome.ie/residential/search … BVCX356230
3000 sq feet, €367/sq foot

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -18/108618

But still 1.1m here
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 18/1701967

No. 22 is slightly smaller (243sqm), asking 650k (down from 2.35m!)

While 650k in itself is a high price for an apartment, it really puts the 1.1m ask for no. 40 in an interesting light. Just speculating here, but one possible explanation is that the vendor of no. 40 does not want to sell it and is quoting prices at which they know they won’t get any offers.

I wonder what the annual service charge is :angry:

seriously, who would buy an apartment if they had that kind of money. this aint manhattan.


Sadly in a decent part of Manhattan that apt would cost 4x-5x the price quoted here!

At 850k, this place has value to a couple whose kids have left home, they’ve sold the family home and want a large comfy place (for when the kids / grandchildren visit)…with security
The big issue with these places though is the service charge. There are many rented out at levels where the Service Charge eats practically all the rent. So they are not an investment.
And then a retired couple would probably balk at paying 25k a year service charge from their pension, even if they are sitting on wads of cash.

Wasn’t the Boom a joke when you look at this flat on for millions and millions!? Service charges and it’s an apartment away from town, for over 2 million

Doubt it’s such a joke to a lot of people! As to whether an apartment built/renovated to the extent that these are is worth less than a free standing house - I’m not so sure.

As previously pointed out, a nice cosy apartment where you don’t have to worry about a big garden, the roof, maintenance etc could very easily top a house for many people.

And some of that interior is very tasty (some not so!).

I agree, though, 1.1 Million in this day and age seems like a serious punt.

Does the exercise equipment come with it (pic3)? :laughing: