Apt 410 cube A, Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford(-125k, -26%)

July 6th


down to 440k now:
www4.myhome.ie/residential/searc … KARU324953

410k now

first post

390 now astonishing

Anyone know how much they initially sold for?

This place is 67 sqm so it was probably at the lower or middle end of that range. Also not sure if the original price included a parking space; the myhome ad is quoting one for €15k extra.

390 still overpriced especially for the size of it. Talk about timing, a price change from last night into today :slight_smile:

still too much for my budget :confused:

That is why this crash has got some way yet to run. You are not unusual.

355k now (26% drop from 480k, 1 year+ on the market)
www4.myhome.ie/residential/searc … KARU324953

I always throught it was cheeky of them to name boxy appartmnets “The Cubes”

10x average wage for a shoebox miles out of town next to a motorway and an industrial estate.

massively overpriced.

you couldn’t even get planning permission from DCC for this now as it is well below the minimum size for a 2 bed (80sqm).

these celtic tiger greed boxes will be looked back on as financial suicide in years to come.

Over one year on the market and they still only have the generic picture of the water-feature (sans knackers) up on the ad? Is there some sort of dole for property- “I am trying to sell the apartment, look at me ad!”

I’d just point out that there are approx. 7 other apartments in the cubes up for resale - unless this flat gets sold in the next week - all the others are worth only 355 for a two bed and parking.

obviously beacon south quarter and rockbrook account for another approx. 2000 flats in sandyford - developers tell me they are hoping for 460 (discounted) for a two bed and parking

so that means total bath of approx. 300 bar for developers on in build sandyford

If i was this guy - I’d drop price to 300 just to get out

Hope being the operative word there.

If the info on this thread is correct, the owner might not be able to sell for much less unless he/she has some additional funds to satisfy the bank.

Anyone for Irish short sales?

Apts. 104, 206, 307,309, 311, 400, 455, 501, 506 all for sale, landmark are selling newe 2 beds with parking for around 350 cash! (that’s without paying extra for your neighbours smoke!)

fleming is in a tight spot at rockbrook here - he’s looking for 460 cash in rockbrook for a two bed plus parking (advertised at 554) but he’s not going to finish building anytime soon - thats before 2012 i’d say (unless you find another bank)

altogether there are around 2000 flats coming up for sale in sandyford before resales.

the market is so deep here that it must be the real market test for the bottom - problem. It’s actually only 25 minutes by luas to stephen’s green.
Problem is though it’s windy, all migrants are leaving and 2000 is a lot of flats!

I’d guess sell now at 300 cash for a two bed, but if you wait a year you can buy one for approx. 200 maybe less. (maybe a lot less!)


I’ve just split a conversation that started about rent being money down the drain. You can find it here: