Aptly titled advertisement!

Disbelief indeed! :laughing: :laughing:

Looks like the 5 beds have dropped by €100,000 from the heady days of the initial launch.

Sunday Business Post 15 May 2006.


Well it certainly appears that Naomi and Gerry lied didn’t they , Naomi had 62 for sale and Gerry had 52 for sale…out of 135 total !!!

Thats not quite all the homes and it was the same 52 they both had.

Are we talking Ghost Estate here …anyone ??

Mein Gott! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

The demand was that big 2 years ago, such a long long time ago all the same

Another country :open_mouth: , another time. :open_mouth:

Disbelief for the poor feckers who bought in 2006.

They’ll be 10-15 years into their 35 year mortgages before they manage get their principles down by 100k.

Laddermania is an expensive illness.

This is a place that Mrs C likes and makes me visit on a sunday afternoon when i have better things to do, I was there last weekend, there is about 70% occupancy there i’d say, judging on the number of cars and the other indicators such as curtains, maintained gardens etc

€380k for a 3 bed does not bode well for this guy trying to shift his for €430k

But not before the last sale unfortunately.

SBP 14/05/06 says 3 beds prices “starting from 395k”.

That ad says 3 beds prices “starting from 380k”.

That’s a price drop of 15k, not 100k to xman.

False & misleading advertising anyone?

It was the 5 beds which dropped 100K - i guess it’s similar to the old ‘starting from X’ lark, where the shoebox apartment in the far corner of the estate is the only one going for the stated price.

Ah the good old days of the fundamentals and looking forward to all sorts of pleasurable forms of easing; seems like a long time ago now.

If anyone is head out the Naas dual carriage way any time soon, keep an eye out for the sign near Kill.

It reads something like:

New Showhouses
Next Villiage.

All I could think was, “another villiage bites the dust”.
I was driving, so I might have misread it.


Final phase on sale at Blessington Manor
independent.ie/lifestyle/pro … 32735.html

Price drops are being tracked at viewtopic.php?f=14&t=32821

God be with the days when a village only needed one idiot!

I find it astonishing that as recently as May 2008 people were still (apparently) shelling out the guts of €500,000 on 4-beds in Blessington. For some reason those days feel a hell of a lot longer ago than 2 years. Although, I guess it was only around that time that the first murmurs of the Emperor’s precarious sartorial state were being heard.

does anyone think they are good value at there new price?do you think they will sell them?

Certainly considerably better value, but, but, but…bear in mind;

  • the potential job cuts - is Ireland Inc. just complete FUBARed?;
  • 8 -10% interest rates on variable mortgages;
  • most kids living in Blessington and going to secondary school head off to Templeogue, Naas, Newbridge, Tallaght, Rathcoole etc.

It is better value than pretty much anything of such proximity to Dublin - but I am not sure that makes it good value - it just makes everything else astonishingly bad value.


Sorry - just had to put in a smiley or two - it is Friday after all!!

+1. Simply amazing. Feels like another lifetime.