Arbeit Macht Frei


Idiot of the week. … -1.2368328


You’d think someone in his legal team would’ve told him to cop on.


Couldn’t help noticing that his daughter issued the release. Perhaps he should invest in external PR.


Just shows how illiterate, culturally and historically, some of these masters of the universe are.

Also worth pointing out that Ronan, like most of Ireland’s ‘entrepreneurs’, inherited his business from his old man, who was … a property developer.


Whining about NAMA destroying his business? Notably unwilling to countenance rent reductions to tenant businesses during the recession
Guess what happened to them.

Extremely litigious when it comes to articles about himself
For Someone that fussy about his image to include that term shows extraordinary historical ignorance.

I wonder when someone will write the full story of his “break” from Treasury Holdings…


He’s dead right about Nama briefing against him.

I thought his submission was pretty accurate


Is he paid by NAMA and the state to manage his failed development companies?

Just like many of the bankers who failed to manage their failed banks were maintained in place after the nationalisations?

Is that the case here or is my cynical mind think that this is indeed how this backward place is indeed operated?


it does entirely undermine what could otherwise have been a fairly probing statement - so no doubt it allows for the key issues around decision making and ultimately ineptitude costing the State billions to be swept under the carpet/overshadowed. Hindsight is 20:20 but Battersea indeed turned out to be bargain of the century


How does quoting a historical phrase count as either culturally or historically illiterate?


Socially inept might be closer to the mark.


I was presuming he was ignorant of what that phrase has referred to since 1945, as I couldn’t believe he was not and would still use it in a complaint about how his huge assets were, in his view, badly treated.


Don’t be thick, of course he knew what it meant. I use it myself from time to time. What’s the big deal?

Just because Ronan is an obnoxious twat doesn’t make this particular phrase offensive except to the terminally hypersensitive or those looking for ammunition.


:laughing: ah c’mon. He’s comparing his treatment by NAMA with a fucking death camp where people were exterminated in a semi-industrial process. It’s obnoxious dickishness in the extreme. I doubt you publish statements using the phrase, do you?


That might all be true were it not for the existence of irony.

I suppose it’s possible that Ronan wasn’t being ironic but just a fatuous dullard. Who knows?


You are Alanis Morissette and I claim my five dollars.

It’s not irony; it’s potentially hyperbole or grotesque humour, but really it’s just dickishness.


Ah he wasn’t comparing them to a death squad. The statement is written in colloquial English and finishes with an off the cuff comparison to how bossy and controlling Nama are.
Anyone who condemns this is sort of po faced.
You might as well be arguing 'allo 'allo was too soft on fascism.
He should have retracted and compared them to Herr Flick


It’s a fairly juvenile statement by Ronan which undermined his contribution. Even if the battersea development was timed to coincide with a massive property bubble, I’d still think he would have f ed up.


Because being made to work late on a Thursday is just like being exterminated?

Seriously, though, you’re not putting your usage into the public record. That’s the difference.


His statement reeks of denial as well. Sure everything was going fine until those pesky Nama types spoiled the party.

Using the nazi slogan is redolent of a cokehead thinking they are being terribly clever and not realising that everyone thinks they’re a twat.

Although he has since apologised.

#20 :laughing: I suppose you support Prince Harry too?
The parallels are striking: both considered royalty in their own country, publicly courting controversy using references to naziism, both forced to apologize when they realize how dumb a move it was.