Arbeit Macht Frei


One interesting aspect of this is how quick the sinister ex-minister Alan Shatter emerged from the shrubs to present himself as the outraged voice of the Holocaust. Suddenly he was everywhere! Was he trying to garner a bit of sympathy for the upcoming election?


Maybe he was offended?. Why is he sinister or were you going for some alliteration?


Shatter? As the only Jewish TD representing most Jewish area in the country. Yeah fairly shocking that he’d issue a statement…

Some people love a Jewish conspiracy :unamused:


I always remember some property developer being described in a newspaper write-up as “light on manners”.

What an evocative phrase!


To be honest I didn’t see Johnny Ronan’s comments as an exclusively Jewish issue. We have a shared humanity that should be offended by the extermination of people and everyone should be outraged by the comments, not just Jewish people.

My comment was exclusively confined to the disgraced former Minister taking an opportunity to attempt to revitalise his political career. That’s a fair and obvious observation.

What Jewish conspiracy are you referring to?


In all fairness I think comparing his treatment at the hands of NAMA to that of the Jewish people at Auschwitz is in pretty poor taste. It trivializes what they went through and I don’t blame Shatter or any Jewish individual for calling him out on it.

He may have made good points in his submission, but this is all that’s being discussed now. It’s one thing for you and I to make jokes about Nazi behaviour in private, but quite another to be making it as a matter of public record.


Nazi jokes are a mainstay of Anglo humour though. I don’t see how they’re any more poor taste in public.

Time for a bit of Jimmy Carr…


When someone makes a idiotic comparison between how they’re treated and the Holocaust who are the first people the Irish media are going to turn to for comment, the Mexicans?


Why would they ‘go to the Mexicans’? That would be stupid when they could just talk to any elected representative who should be well able to express our offence. Worth remembering that there were 30 million civilians murdered during that period by military action or crimes against humanity and it doesn’t do their memory any justice to establish a hierarchy of victimhood where certain groups get to express their offence ahead of others.

Anyone should be able to speak against how offensive the comments were.


Tell that the media, they just want confrontation. If it bleeds, it leads.


I’ve no problem with Nazi jokes in the right context, a stand-up comedian obviously has a bit more license to entertain as part of a gig, than someone making submissions to a public inquiry, but I still reckon it’s poor taste to insert comparisons like that into your professional dealings. For instance I might joke informally to an Irish colleague about some corporate videos being similar to that produced by Goebbel’s, but I sure as hell would avoid such comparisons being made in the public domain.

All down to taste. I’m all for free speech, and I don’t want to see Johnny Ronan necessarily censored, but a bit of decorum wouldn’t go amis…


Ah come on, surely you see the idiocy of it. If you’re Ronan, you’re coming from behind as a NAMA developer when it comes to public opinion. Comparing yourself to Jews persecuted by the Nazis only shows that not only did you fail, you also have no insight into your own condition.

As it happens, Ronan should be down on his knees thanking NAMA; instead of having his assets taken away and his home sold off, he got to keep lots of toys and NAMA even paid him a nice salary while they warehoused the rest of his loans until Ronan could find someone to buy them. Sure, he lost some trophy assets, but he’s emerged in pretty good shape considering the amount of wealth destruction he’s responsible for.


In fairness to Ronan & Treasury Holdings, they we’re pretty strict about not giving personal guarantees for their corporate debts.

More developers should’ve been like that. It might have slowed the bubble (probably not).

Personally, I don’t like reliance on PGs - I think it’s a cheap, lazy way of doing banking.



In continental Europe the bank’s know better than to ask for a PGs


Fair point on the PGs. He has still ended up with far more of his original business than he would have without NAMA warehousing things for him.