Ard Lorcain Terrace, Stillorgan - False Advertising

At face value, this looks like a reasonable proposition - €690k for a 142 square metre new build, in a good location close to Stillorgan village. However, potential buyers should beware - the advertised house size of 142 square metres is inaccurate - the correct floor size is approximately 122 square metres. All interested buyers should check the County Council website for clarification.

This is shocking behavior from the estate agent, are there any ramification for this false advertising? I mean it’s only €700k potential buyers are splashing out!

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How do you check this?

Check the ‘Documents’ section of the planning section of the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council website. Or just visit the house - it is clearly not 142 square metres. It actually feels much smaller than 122 square metres.

I don’t live in Ireland, so visiting is a tad tricky.

I’m surprised that rival estate agents haven’t pointed this out…perhaps they’re up to the same tricks themselves!

It was only initially advertised earlier this week.
I’m sure there’ll be a queue of potential buyers with deposits ready to secure the sale.
But I hope they do their homework before signing contracts!
Even by checking the (poor) measurements of each floor on the advert, it clearly doesn’t come anywhere near 142 square metres.
If a shoe shop falsely advertised like that, they’d be in trouble. But it’s ok to falsely advertise a 700k house!

Oh I totally agree.

Do you really think there will be a queue of buyers? I’d have thought the market has queued a bit…

Lads. This a ploy for a discount? Understand if that’s what this is. Overpriced. Like everything in the borough

Just noticed my typo - I meant the market has surely “cooled” rather than “queued”!

I think south Dublin prices in the €750k-€1.5m range are at least 10% over-priced.

What astonishes me about the Dublin market is how long properties sit on the market at what are clearly unachievable prices - it’s like the vendors are slow learners…

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Same deal in 2008 - 13. Took five years. And then only houses in probate, do-upers, €600k on booterstown ave but a wreck etc. Very low volumes.


Very Sticky.

Illiquid is the right word

The real estate agents have a role in this too - they need to educate the vendors about what a realistic price is. It surprises me because the real estate industry makes money from turnover - you are far better off selling 8 houses for €900k rather than 2 for €1m. Even from a vendor perspective - waiting 18 months for the ‘right price’ seems a tad silly.

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There was been quite a number of properties in the 800-1.1m range go SA in the last couple of weeks in D4. It will be interesting to see what the are up on PPR in a couple of months (assuming they don’t fall through).

It will be interesting - I’m not entirely surprised - if a global pandemic doesn’t shock vendors into making a sale, nothing will…

From what I am hearing some at least have exceeded the AP, global pandemic could be bypassing us :thinking:

In your dreams!

From what I observe, apartments and “rental” properties have taken a bit of a hit (circa 5-10%), but there still seems to be big demand for “family” homes - in Dublin at least.
The Dublin property market was always a bit of a conundrum, but it seems very broken right now!

Not slow learners ,just head in the sand .
The most important thing is telling the golf buddies my house is worth close to a mill
Anything that encroaches on that belief is not welcome