Ardbrugh House, Ardbrugh Road, Dalkey (-1250k, -32%)

Jus been dropped by 500k … in/1281017

Now right up the lottery win list. Nice.

quite reasonable considering its sitting on an acre in Dalkey :-GC

Was 3.9m … 49271.html

Now 3.45m … in/1281017

So down 450k, 11.5%?

(Please quote all prices claimed, and provide links for them as proof. Thanks!)

Hi, has anyone here viewed this house ? Am thinking about taking a look and generally would have valued houses on a sqft basis but recently when I look at property in Ireland and calculate the size it tends to be a lot less that what the estate agent is claiming. Do EA’s in this country use outside measurements ?

The land adjacent to Ardbrugh house is up for sale at €1,500,000. This site has full planning permission for two semiD’s

There is also a large site, approx 300ft, to the West of the house, which has been subject to five planning applications which sought to build, depending on the application, eighteen apartments or a few houses.

Mount Carmille Ville which is on Ardbrugh Road, six houses down from Ardbrugh House, is/was also up for sale. It is directly in line with this proposed development.

Can’t get my head around this price - €1.5m for a site , not a house, so that €750k to buy your site for a semi detached house and then you have all the costs involved in building etc, madness!! I would of thought that €750k for a semi detatched new build in Dalkey would be optimistic, Mapas had 2 detached houses that failed to sell after a couple of price reductions, in the end they had to rent them out. The EA is completely out of touch to put this price on a site, no developers left to invest and no one stupid enough to pay that for a site!

Had a look around the area last Monday, since there’s a couple of gaffs for sale, on Ardbrugh and Torca road. Was surprised at how busy the road was, cars all along one side and not easy to pass with oncoming traffic. Those new gated gaffs near the quarry entrance presumably add to the crush, and more new houses will add even more. It was nearly impossible to turn at the end of Torca road with parked cars. Not the suburban idyll I imagined (or remembered from childhood), although I still wouldn’t turn my nose up at it at the right price.

Yet another Ardbrugh road property for sale:

At a mere €1.2m apparently it was not worth bothering their holes to show more than 3 grainy pictures, or to give any idea of the square footage.

ALTAMONT, Knocknacree Road, Dalkey , Co. dublin

€2,850,000 - 3 Bed Detached House 372 m² / 4004 ft² For Sale

Knight Frank is the EA. … 92287.html … in/1828361

This is at the end of Knocknacree road and the beginning of Ardbrugh Road.
Next door is a site with planning permission for two semi-D’s.
Next to ‘site with planning permission’, is Ardbrugh house, which is also up for sale.

The site with pp is asking €1.5m
Subject to revised pp one could build a detached house bigger, better and cheaper than Altamont - even if you went crazy and put up a high-spec €800k build of 5,000 sq ft, plus whatever you pay for the site. Altamont price does not compute.

sale agreed: … in/1281017

That is an awful advertisment :open_mouth:

Topcliff gone POA, and that site is down 200k to 1.3m.

Altamont went for 2,470,001 on 25/07/2012 according to PPR

Arburgh House sold 28 Jun 2012

The site is now sale agreed (last asking €1,300k) … in/1755248

What a cracker of a house.