Ardee WIW - "Santa Barbara"

Long-time reader/lurker, first post. Curious about opinions on the following:
Very central location in Ardee. From picture, house looks dilapidated at best. Not been lived in for many years. Castle keep in grounds is listed structure. Land looks like it is classified as “Institutional”, there are 2 hospitals close-by.

First thought, who’s this joke of an Estate Agent?

“Properites for sale”???

Second thoughts… Looks like a horror movie…


So its approximate to the 4th decimal place :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Teh Amity(Ardee)ville Horror. :angry:

Couldn’t even hazzard a guess as to how much to shell out for it… but expect the EA will have a laughable price tag in mind. Where’s the Welcome Guest when you want him?!

Budget for the purchase price to be a fraction of what it would take to get this place in order.

On the plus side, you do have a basketball board already installed!


Could the EA not even be arsed getting the name right, or is he trying to add mystique by implying it was built by the Romans? :mrgreen:

Take it you got a price off the E/A…I will bite,how much?

(POA annoys me,I mean whats the mystery with E/As?they are selling the gaff,list the price ffs.)

Its Ardee, ffs.

Someplace you drive through on the way to somewhere else.

No, I have not approached EA yet. Drive by it on a regular basis, hence the query. It’s a difficult one to value alright. Thanks all.

Offer of 150 on it and vacant for 10 years. Money pit to get right I would say as the cousins have undoubtly reefed all copper wiring and plumbing out if her so complete retro fit like a new build! Pity it’s not in a different town! Not sure of the aspect either!

I do hear that part of Ireland is quite like Santa Barbara, you could easily take that house and plonk it in the middle of Santa Barbara and it would totally fit it: … igfRw4HIBA