Ardvarna, 18 Stillorgan Park Avenue, Blackrock (-985k, -40%)

Originally 2.25M

Listing still on myhome,-18-Stillorgan-Park-Avenue,-Blackrock/NVOMM334918

Now with Daphne Kaye, who has discovered an extra bedroom, for 1.75M .,-18-Stillorgan-Park-Avenue,-Stillorgan,-Co-Dublin/MINCM369651

The place is so big the first agent must have gotten lost and miscounted.

Obviously Daphne Kaye can count. I see Jackson Stops still have the property on for €2.25m and Daphne Kaye at €1.75m.

I know who I would use if I was selling my house.

Jackson Stops :wink: … ?id=1&r=25 (see the second page of listings)

Now 1.625 million

Previously at 2.45m … in/2826883