Are bulls the new bears?

Since the pinfolk (or pinsters as the cool kids say) like to link AAM and boards threads, here’s one for ya:

The links provided by the OP were to some seriously dodgy tutorials on how to make moeny on a falling market that were completely detached from reality.

Notionally, this thread has a question: Have the property bears during the bust become as zealous as the bulls were during the boom? Really though, you have to laugh at these guys.

For the moment at leat, the Bears are still right.

Give the downturn a while and yes, there will be bears still banging the table long after they should stop.

It’s just the nature of things.


I hope you’re not talking about me. :blush:

When you’ve bought that place in Florida Rich, let me know… :wink:

ahh the bears are entitled to maul the bulls in the downtime just as the bulls gored the bears in the good times :slight_smile:

Would largely agree.

However, if - for the sake of argument - some hypothetical bear who had the time, inclination, and (most importantly) money, i.e., cash deposit…

PLUS reasonable certainty that they would be able to get a mortgage that they are comfortable with…

PLUS willingness to go through the hassle of actively researching, and going through a fair amount of hassle to find the right property, in the right location, for the right price, and is capable and willing of, as BertieBasher once put it, ‘talking sense into sellers’, assuming that the seller doesn’t really need the money that badly (e.g. ideally, a retired, minted, and above all REALISTIC ‘empty-nester’ type who has no borrowings against their property)…

PLUS a robust enough personality that is capable of making ‘F**k off’ offers, i.e., initial offers of 30-40% of current asking prices…

Don’t get me wrong - I am not say there are bargains readily available, there are clearly not.

But if ALL of my above conditions are met, it isn’t necessarily a bad idea to be commencing a process of possibly considering entering the market, at some future though not necessarily imminent date… :wink:

I can’t believe the song and dance people are making about a 12% decline in property values (PTSB 8) )

Prices went up by more than that in 2006 alone before they hit the wall, so we’re not even back to 2005 yet.

Jesus the ISEQ was off 60% and back to 1997 levels and you hardly heard a word about it…

Note to property bulls - a 400% price increase followed by a 12% price decrease does not consitute a correction.

Do these bewilderbulls not realise how *utterly *ludicrous our property market still is? Try to convince a foreigner to hand over their hard earned to buy any property in Ireland at the moment - I dare you.

They’re not affected in the slightest by our all our slick jargon and half brained bubble talk - they’d just look at the price, what you get for that price - and then laugh their arse off.


Burn the heretic

Burn the heretic

Reminds me of Python - “She’s a witch! A witch! Burn her! Burn her!”

Will do.

If you have any contacts running the diversity visa lottery, you might be able to hasten the day.


Remember, a 400% property increase (100 rising to 400), only needs a 75% drop to get back where it started.