Are Daft Censoring Discussion on the Property Markets

I occasionally take a look at the daft site discussion section (Mr Anderson is a good contributor) but have noticed over the last week or so that there are very few new threads on the Housing Market and it’s all questions about rents and tenant rights. Do you think the Fallon brothers have reigned that kind of talk in (for whatever reason) or am I reading too much into it?

not much happening to discuss at the moment I think

Yeah you could be right but normally there’s a lot of hot air blowing over there…

i think its like the boards forum in that at the start things weren’t as obvious so the bulls could wave off the bears statements as nonsensical or bitter etc

now of course the facts are staring them in the face they have mostly fallen silent

Start a new thread on daft which talks down the property market. If it doesn’t appear then they are in fact censoring. :laughing:

I’ve posted threads that link to IPW and they have subsequently been deleted even after other posters have replied

Old thread, I know, but I thought I’d bring it back up.

I have never successfully posted to the discussion forums, they’re always rejected. I created, and usually my input has something to do with the data I’ve collected and my opinions on the market.

Again today I tried to post on a thread where most of the people were saying that house prices are rising. I was trying the give an honest, informed and well-written opinion to the OP stating how I believe the opposite is true. There was absolutely no self-promotion.

Guess what? I saw Daft admins spending 8 minutes browsing my site, and my post was never accepted.

Very poor form from Daft. Pathetic, in fact. What are they trying to hide?

All my site does is give a true and accurate reflection of the market. Aside from that, I link to hundreds of thousands of their pages – duhhh?

or even better: screen shots…

It’s dead as a discussion forum due to their policy of clearing every post. Any kind of free flowing discussion is hampered by hour long waits between cleared posts.

I’ve posted many comments over there which didn’t get passed the censors.

I think that the first clue as to whether there might be an agenda over there should be the very fact that the post needs to be vetted by daft admins before they allow you to post it.

You shouldn’t be surprised.

I think we need to be understanding of their position.

Their bread and butter is the business they get from estate agents.

If you’ve any cop on at all, you will know not to bite the hand that feeds you.

It would be entirely inappropriate and foolish for to allow discussions that would Piss Off their customers.

There are more appropriate fora for that sort of thing, such as the Property Pin, or

Business is business and them’s are the facts of life. is in a different position to which should not have censored property price discussions.

So please lay off them.

DoubleGlaze speaks the truth.
In fairness, RonanL has not been shy about calling it as he sees it and his views are available here on the website.

If I were in the business of selling advertising, which is what do, I would not allow a bunch of rabble-rousers and lunatics get up on their soap boxes and start ranting about all sorts in that same space.

That is fair enough but they should stop the pretence and just ditch the forums.


Censoring discussion on daft seems an oxymoron to me.

The truth will out. If someone doesn’t educate themselves on the truth of the housing market as it stands, well then, caveat emptor.

Note: they did actually publish my post eventually - I take it back! (perhaps they read this thread :slight_smile:)