Are depositors in the firing line?

Are depositors in the firing line? - Kathleen Barrington → … qqqx=1.asp

Only hold debt with your bank, cash on hand and a compliment of baldy headed wives.

was the danish bank collapsing a sudden thing or was its troubles known beforehand?

Same thing should have happened here, Anglo deposit holders should have taken losses along with their senior debt brethren.

What is the safest place to keep money in Ireland right now? Under the mattress not an option!

Not in Ireland.

Anyone who holds money in Irish banks has been well and truly warned on this site as to the potential consequences !

What about An Post?

So what do you do if you have money?

Buy Property :laughing:

I think that’s a really good question right now! We have some money but not a patch on what we would need to buy what we actually want to live in. Should we sink ourselves in a huge mortgage (unlikely to get it anyway!) or just wait? Or buy a house that’s too small or in a location we don’t want to live in… I am so so so so fed up of waiting. Will we just keep waiting and miss the boat and wake up some morning to increasing prices, jumping up madly or am I just getting flashbacks to 2006? Such a mess, no actual ‘home’ for my children really bugs me. Staying with family right now. Stressful enough for all concerned, I can tell you

An Post/NTMA savings are invested directly in the Irish national debt. At a time with Credit Default Swaps imply a high chance that Ireland will default, I would not have my savings in the national debt.

Does anybody know if it’s possible to open up a Euro account with a UK bank based in NI. I’m based in Dublin but I intend to transfer the funds into an immediate family members account ( who is based in Belfast ), if they can open a Euro account.

What would be the likely outcome be if the Euro as a currency broke up, what would happen a Euro account based in the UK ?..

Thread on this here, Clancy.

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