Are these asking prices just where it's at now?

Hi folks. The exact same type of houses in similar conditions in this area sold for as low as 150k in 2011 and 2012. These two are now asking 250 and 225. I love this area but consider these asking prices excessive. Do pinsters agree, or do I just need to stop my cribbing and suck it up, as right or wrong this is just where we are now in 2013? All opinions welcome please. … -8/2330195 … -8/2489757

They’re both closer to Belfast than they are the SCR.

No idea about the pricing of anything at the moment to be honest.

Me neither Larry. My compass is totally f***ed since this new madness began.

Suck it up and then exhale in 2014 - sentiment is this market will swing back in the next 6 months.

Seems to be the harsh reality of the market these days, unfortunately. Do you know where the bidding stopped on 5 Merton Park?

No. I’ve been meaning to call the EA but at the same time don’t want to know too, if you know what I mean. My poor little head can’t take it at the moment. This house search will be the death of me. Might take thewing’s advice, step away and exhale in six months or so. More waiting though. Christ!

You hope :slight_smile:

Quiet a few pinsters dismissed my initial comments about price rises in SCD 12-18 months ago and look where we are today with little or no talk of a DCB.

Personally I think prices have got a little ahead of themselves but I can see very little on the horizon to alter their upward trajectory.

Why do you change your username so often?

I am going to be brutally honest and say that I dont think either of those houses are worth 1/4 of a Million Euros. I think the DCB has come and gone and the trajectory will now reassert itself downwards. Chances of a recovery are over as global CBs have failed to generate growth through their QE policies, this backdrop alone will propel a global recession to which Ireland will not be immune. Further we should expect bail-ins, tighter lending and higher unemployment. People getting themeselves into silly debt now for kippy houses should sit down, chill out and have a long hard think. We are in the centre of the storm and nowhere near a bottom.


The other side of this is that dumping cash is not a bad strategy right now.

There is no evidence of an upwards trajectory. See the thread with pretty graphs. There appears to be a slight rise in 4-beds in SCD. There is no evidence for any other rises. As you know!!!

Time will tell :slight_smile:

Actually no. Time will tell whether there is an upward trajectory. It is a fact that no-one has presented credible evidence that such a bounce has occurred so far.

Personally I think asking prices have got major ahead of themselves, but I’m only guessing.

I would not consider paying beyond what the property price register is giving - EA’s are paid to chance their arm.
Don’t think these houses shall bec rare in the future to be worth chasing, or even rare like the SCD variety.

I always assumed he(she) was some sort of timelord, and after each regeneration changed username (since we can’t see the new face online, it’s only fair). I was going to say that he seems to be regenerating very frequently, but of course that’s purely earthling thinking. He’s probably spending 100s of years time travelling between posts.

Nonetheless, he should have used up all of his “lives” pretty soon (in our time-line)… although that doesn’t seem to have held the pope back (also goes into a box, white smoke comes out, and he emerges with a new face and a funny costume (apologies to C. Brooker for ripping off the joke, but I enjoyed it so much…)).

What about this beauty on Iona Park asking €1,295,000? I don’t see how that can make any sense (actually around twice what single fronted houses with no major problems were clearing at lately). Insanity.

But don’t worry, for those who miss out on that bargain, the parish is planning to sell another house in the neighborhood soon (declining number of priests, recent announcement). Little inside information for pinsters.

One would hope that any bidders on these houses would use the PPR as their guide. Highly unlikely though. I am fully expecting someone to jump in with an initial bid of 200k plus, and then the whole thing will just get out of control.