Are we entitled to the following info on Anglo

As a taxpayer am I entitled to know which poxy developers owe money to our national bank? XX

Bloody entitlement mentality again :wink:

Not just which developers but which td’s

I posted this q previously.

there is crime here crime and corruption

FF up to their necks in it.
Bertie is a buddie of sean fitz.

You’re entitled to pay Anglo’s debt, but I think that where your entitlement ends.

I would be more interested to know if any members of the Oireachtas have loans of more the 1m euro from Anglo.

Sorry. That’s “commercially sensitive” information. We wouldn’t want private sector banks such as AIB and BOI getting any advantage.

I want to know which ones are actually paying interest and which ones are having the interest capitalised.

And then booked as profit and issued in dividends using savers money to make the payments? Nah, could never happen. Sure the auditors would pick up on that old trick immediately :nin

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I want to know if we can rustle up a Pin crew for this jolly?

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Niamh Brennan was on RTE1 asking if FoI was now in place for Anglo. No, I suspect, is the answer


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Check out the results for the Anglo Irish Bank Regatta 2008 ("The new dates for the Anglo Irish Bank Regatta 2009 have been set and entries are now open. Once again we are anticipating a high number of entrants.):

Yup, it’s a wide cross-section of commerce and enterprise in the British Isles. That is, if your idea of commerce and enterprise involves only construction and property development.

The eigth-placed team was “Land Aid” (, who describe themselves as “the charity of the property industry”. Guess what, Land Aid? These guys have taken over from you:

On the subject of entitlement to know, we would certainly be told all sorts of stuff if it was in the interests of those who have the information, e.g. if they had good news or if there was no truth in some of the rumours doing the rounds. But when we’re kept in the dark, we just have to draw our own conclusions.

As it is, the Irish public have demonstrated - through their electoral decisions - a relative comfort with being given the mushroom treatment on all sorts of subjects. One can only hope that more and more members of the public will start to draw a line between gombeen, careerist politicians, various vested interests and the state of the nation.