Are we ready for the post-"Golden Age" period?

Good article… Dr. Dan gets it with both barrels!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is where the Pin can make a real difference, right now. We’re a bunch of engineers and finance professionals. We all know the various policy initiatives that need to be taken immediately (that should have been taken 5 years or more ago).

A nice thread distilling the collective wisdom of the diverse opinions of the Pin would be fascinating to look back on in 5 years time…I’ve no doubt that between us we could come up with a far better programme for renewal and reform than any of the existing parties.

The Pin is supposed to be non-political I know…but does demonstrating that the wisdom of the Pin is superior to any existing party really count as being “political”? Arrogant sure, but “political”?

I was actually thinking about suggesting the creation of an area on the site to serve as something like a communal blog as opposed to a discussion forum, where some of the more clued in contributors could post articles or ideas they may have on the issues which are discussed here regularly.

Some of the threads relating to things such as new technologies, energy resources and of course the various proposed solutions to the impending property catastrophe are things that most people (myself included) wouldnt ordinarily come across day to day. The PIN is awash with ideas but Im not sure whether everybody would be in favour of such a departure.

It could also enhance your idea of the PIN as an archival reference for future generations. If nothing else it could show those future generations that not everybody was a complete fool during the early years of the 21st century (if thats not clear at this stage).