Are ye right there Michael? has a copy of the letter sent to Jakie Healy Rae re the 2.6k worth of phone calls made for Michael in 2008.

It’s hardly Watergate/Pulitzer territory, but if any journalist could stay out of the pub for a day, then this should be a piece of cake.

Presumably there is some form of sign-in/out at Leinster House, plus all manner of other sources (mileage claims, other media reports…). Simply identify which politicos were there the whole time when the calls were made (many of the calls were made on a Sunday, which, alone, should narrow it down by about 160). If it is a very small number indeed, and if one of them has the initials JHR, then you’ve got a couple of thousand words and a probable front-page – not so much for making the calls, but for the denials since. If not, then he/she has lost a day’s boozing. It could turn out to have been Enda Kenny trying to get through to an altogether different type of premium line (but accidentally dialing the wrong number several thousand times).

However, given that not a single journo could stay out of the pub long enough to spot one of the biggest asset price bubbles, ever, anywhere, it might not be wise to get any hopes up.

Anyway, there are probably more important things to worry about now than a couple of clowns with funny voices who wear daft hats.

Joan Burton has been trying to get MHR off the board of the citizens advice bureau. He refused to give up his spot there, which he ‘earned’ under Fianna Fail and then this story emerged.

Nice. Always have a wee sceal on everyone in your back pocket to be produced when needed.

The most depressing thing about all of this is that none of it will stick in a meaningful way.

He will go back to the gombeens that voted for him and will tell all en-sundry:
“look a’ what them bloody jackieens did to me, ‘tis them again’ us lads”
and the stupid feickers will vote for him again.

He is guaranteed to top the poll next time round, I’ll bet he just wishes it did not come out a bit closer to the election so the anti-Kerry bias would still be fresh in the minds of all the bogmen

With cunts like Lowery in tipp, and cunts like healy-rea in Kerry and cunts like Ivor in the pale and plenty a’ cunts like the flynns / cooper-flynns in da whest the country is riddled with a massive epidemic of cunt-ery!!!

I have to say I was disgusted to here Jimmy Deenihan on the radio reply when asked about this, that he thought it very bad of the makers of the program not to enforce a one person one vote type policy - for fuck sake you shower of shits can at least one of you lot stand up and call a prick a prick. we know you all have your nose in the trough but when one of you is caught as blatantly as this surely you could have the balls to call him out on it.

maybe…maybe not… J O’Donoghue said only the people of Kerry could judge him, and they did. No-one can prove WHY they gave him the boot…but you never know…

Fair play to Burton for following through.

Euoooh! :blush:

Aww no XX