Area 51, suddenly in the news


1.5 million people have signed up to storm Area 51 in September. The logic is that the government can’t stop all of them. This is real and It’s Happening™ folks. Sign up now to take part. The blitzkrieg will be organised by star sign…

This left wing rag is trying to pretend it’s a joke:


If I was a US Air Force General I would look at this as the perfect opportunity to satisfy everyones curiosity. If there are alien spacecraft or anything else that the military want kept out of the public domain then move it now and when the hordes descend, put up a token resistance and then let them in, everywhere.

A friend of mine used to work for Mars who owned Pedigree Chum, in the office / labs they ‘experimented’ on dogs with new formulations and about twice a year some random group of leaf huggers / bunny rubbers would protest outside against animal cruelty, they simply let them in to have a look where they observed the dogs living a life of absolute luxury.


Pedigree Chum? Area 51?1990 called and wants you home by 6 to finish your homework!

It’s not even August but they had to dip into reserve silly season ammo, it’s hard to fathom what such a novelty nonsensical misdirection might be covering for, I wonder… :whistle:


The real action’s going down in the Bermuda Triangle?