Area or House?

Curious for people’s opinions on this one. We have the option of buying an ok house in the Dublin 4 area. For our budget, it would be an old house that you could live in but does need a bit of work. I would think issues like leaks and damp etc would come up and one could end up putting a good bit of money into the houses we are looking at.

Alternatively, we could get get a really great new house in and around the Clonskeagh area. Wouldn’t have to do anything with it. Great bedrooms, living areas and bathrooms. Great garden. And because we wouldn’t constantly have to be putting money into it, our standard of living would probably be slightly better than if we bought in D4.

Any thoughts or opinions?

Make a list of what’s important to you in a home (e.g. proximity to shops; how much renovation you want to do; square footage; garden; proximity to your families; aspect; commute to work; good schools nearby; green spaces; etc). Put them in some kind of order. I suspect that “post code” will be quite far down that list (unless you’re a post-code snob.)

Thanks for reply. With regards to garden and schools etc, they would both be exactly the same. It’s just we really would prefer not have to renovate or put work into the the house. So therefore the new one would be far far better for us. But, with D4 come a couple of lovely villages like donnybrook or sandymount and even ranelagh nearby in d6. the fact one can literally walk out the door and have all this at the doorstep. Wouldn’t have this in Clonskeagh. However, we are so unsure as a new house will be sooooo much less hassle. Everything else is pretty much equal.

I dunno… Good point about the postcode snob… Perhaps this has a little do to with it aswell. Need my head checked most probably…

Are there any new houses with great gardens? I’ve only seen fenced postage stamps.

Dublin 4 has a poor selection of primary schools, especially if you don’t want god-bothering religious school, and don’t believe in segregation by gender. Not sure about Clonskeagh.

Those areas that you mention are not really that “handy” for many parts of D4; in fact Ranelagh is nearer Clonskeagh than Sanymount, and Donnybrook is about halfway between Clonskeagh and Sandymount. Parts of D4 are excellent for public transport while parts are not, etc. So it really depends on the individual neighbourhoods I guess.

Yea these have lovely gardens.

Location, location, location

Would people think the likes of Clonskeagh in Dublin 14 and Donnybrook in d4 are even comparable? We’re a growing family. What would you guys opt for in our shoes?

While I agree that Sandymount is lovely, I wouldn’t consider Donnybrook a “lovely village” - it’s a collection of overpriced shops on the side of a dual carriageway, one of the busiest roads in Dublin. It’s all personal taste and opinion, but I never could see the attraction of Donnybrook, especially given the price premium it attracts.
It really is a first world problem/decision you have - both are incredibly good locations, and most people couldn’t afford to live in either! What about the Miltown / Dartry area as an alternative? Great area, close to Ranelagh & Rathgar (which are lovely villages!), and should be a bit cheaper than D4 on a like-for-like basis

Hi, thanks for reply. We’ve pretty much looked at all areas and have narrowed it down to Clonskeagh, and a couple of the areas in D4. We like Ranelagh but the rest of D6 just doesn’t appeal. Clonskeagh seems nice and friendly, family orientated with parks and the likes of dundrum etc close by. Also close for the 2 of us for work. D4 would also be similar distance for us to work. I know it’s personal opinion but I really like donnybrook. The likes of Brendan Road, Belmont and Marlborough all really appeal. Marlborough is close enough to Ranelagh and Donnybrook village. But the houses are all old and tired and as a relative said… “Money pits”. That’s our worry.

Again, to decide whether two things are “comparable”, you need to first list the criteria and order or weight them. Seriously. Books have been written on decision theory. For me, I’d choose D4 but only because I have family there. Could be completely different for you.

Clonskeagh has no village a such. Donnybrook is soulless. Some beautiful houses but basically a thoroughfare from city to suburb. Sandymount is lovely but a bit boring, not enough good bars and restaurants. Dublin 6 offers best in terms of schools, parks and Ranelagh in particular has great restaurants, cafes and shops. Lovely village. Expensive however and limited stock.

This is my personal opinion. I would choose Sandymount over Clonskeagh, as you have the village and also close to the city / sea. I’m not it’s biggest fan though. For me, my priorities would be - closeness to good schools, followed by closeness to work, followed by walking distance to nice village / shops / restaurants. Have never liked commuting nor being a chauffeur to my kids, so have always lived near my work and my children’s schools. It’s a lifestyle choice. it means we don’t have a big house or garden but on the flipside I’m not stuck in the car for 2/3 hours a day either, in fact I walk most places. It’s such an individual thing and in all honesty, you need to write your list of priorities and then work from there.

If you absolutely do not want an old house that needs work, you need a new one. However as one person has already said it’s all about Location Location Location. Find the new house in the area like best and compromise on the things that are least important to you. Good luck

Check out the schools in both areas and be 100% sure you will be able to get a place in a school that you like.
And do the same for secondary schools too.

If you have doubts, consider renting in the area for a year first. That’s what we did - picked the school first; rented nearby for a year; then bought when we knew the area.

I’ve never been mad about clonskeagh. The few times I’ve driven through its felt like a collection of housing estates at the back of UCD.
Ranelagh is lovely, maybe follow the green Luas line from there? I’ve heard good things about beechwood, Cowper and windy arbour but don’t know the area that well.

Between Clonskeagh and D4 I’d go D4. I’d be aiming for Ballsbridge or Sandymount there.

I lived in D4 for a while but wouldn’t settle there (even if I could afford it!). Donnybrook, Ballsbridge and down to Merrion are vastly overrated and overpriced IMHO. Distances are long (surprisingly low density) and there’s no real focal point for a community. Retail and eating out weren’t great I find. Beggar’s Bush and Irishtown have a nice feel but houses are just too small for my liking.

Sandymount has the best of them all - proximity to city, good public transport, near the sea and I get the impression there is a community spirit lacking elsewhere in D4.

Clonskeagh is suburbia but as suburbia goes it’s very good by Dublin standards. A lot of green space, close enough to city and mountains and some very good quality housing stock.

Beechwood: quiet end of Ranelagh ; more space, less local traffic, but farther from shops, restaurants, etc. As close to the quiet end of Rathmines as the quiet end of Ranelagh.

Cowper: you’re looking at more of south Rathmines/Rathgar than Ranelagh for a town centre, or maybe even Terenure. Big, old, pretty, but expensive houses with oodles of space. If you crave the bright lights and neither want a money pit, nor can afford a property in which the pit has been filled in with other people’s money, you’ll have less choice.

Windy Arbour: mostly harmless :slight_smile: . West side, towards Rathgar/Terenure is a mixture of lovely, but money pit red brick Victoriana and modern apartment infilling in Milltown, quite nice early 20th century houses in the north end of Churchtown. East of the line is the cheap end of Clonskeagh and north Dundrum; settled, some ex-council estates; all inoffensive but aesthetically challenged and just plain dull. Close to the mental hospital, if the stress of deciding proves all too much. :wink:

Personally I’d go with Donnybrook. I love Herbert Park and I like Ballsbridge which is just down the road.

Problem is pretty much price and schools.

Clonskeagh offers larger less expensive homes and UCD is right there for playing fields but it has no meaningful “village” and traffic is awful - Goatstown road & Roebuck road/Fosters Avenue can be a nightmare - you get hit with the Dundrum traffic on the weekend, the M50/Sandyford work traffic in the mornings. Donnybrook traffic is obviously bad but you’re already half way there when you’re leaving.

I wouldn’t buy a new house. At least with an old one you know it isn’t full of pyrite, etc., and that it has already settled.

Damp is no laughing matter and not something you can deal with over time while living there IMHO. So I’d steer clear of that.