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would Iveagh Gardens in Crumlin count as a “hidden gem”? Not exactly cheap but nicely designed and maintained … d&p=&id=45

#22 … n-12-55501

Sold for 226k in October 2012.


Thanks for sharing. I have cycled to Iveagh Gardens (out of curiosity triggered by a couple of pinsters) the whole estate is really nice and has a lot of character.

Now trying to keep the thread on topic, I am reposting my initial post (hope you guys don’t mind!) :laughing:

**Hello Pinsters! This thread aims to help first-time buyers (most of them would have limited budgets < €250k looking to buy a house in Dublin). We would like to learn from those of you who are more experienced to share your views on Dublin areas which are underrated or up-and-coming (or in other words represent a good value for money - having my continental European roots I believe that property in here is still overpriced and the combined behaviour of policitians, media and estate agents trying to create another bubble is rather worrying :frowning: ) if you feel these areas have some hidden gems and are expected to become more popular (i.e. convenient location, planned developments, etc.), can you please share them with us? So, let’s bounce the knowledge/ideas from each other:

Question 1: Which parts/areas in Dublin do you consider to be up-and-coming?
Question 2: Can you please explain why?**


There are anti-social problems in and around Monkstown Farm/St. Patrick’s Crescent, perhaps a lot less than the reputation but they’re still there, I don’t know Patrician Villas so can’t comment.

I haven’t lived in the East Wall but have walked through it numerous times to visit a friend at various hours of the day and night and never had any trouble, there’s a bit of an ‘edge’ to it, but that could well be all in my head. Lots of it is run down or half-finished, near-empty new build apartments, abandoned factories/warehouses… perhaps the Central Bank moving into the Anglo building coupled with the proposed Docklands investment will see the area rise further, but we’ve heard that before…

One rose-tinted article does not an area make - Roisin Ingle’s piece was pretty cringe-worthy in my opinion but if she’s happy there (along with having her phone stolen out of her hand on her doorstep) good luck to her. It’s another area that is a bit rough, a bit rundown, certainly there’s value there if you’re willing to gamble or okay living so close to so many awful corporation flat complexes and the issues they attract/cause. Again, I haven’t lived here but have dipped in and out of it and it’s not for me…when they converted the Strand Bowl into apartments and the cafes etc… sprung up to feed the needs of the incoming new blood it seemed like it would move up a level but sadly that hasn’t quite materialised. That said, as with most places if you’ve lived around there for a few years you’ll probably have a different view of it.