Argentina all ready to kick off again


A Street Level View Of Argentina’s Economy, The Peso And ARGT -> … o-and-argt


How long before they try that old Falklands diversion tactic again!


Should be a feature in the run up the the March 2013 vote by residents of the Malvinas.


It’s already underway: … -argentina
(From May).

As you rightly point out, you can tell when the Argentinian economy is going down the shitter - primat der innenpolitik and all that…


i will add my tuppence for what its worth

inflation is running at 25-30% pa, the most regressive form of taxation there is
up to the implementation of the dollar controls there was huge capital flight into that ultra safe good as gold currency that is teh US$ :smiley:
government has a lot of unsavory characters
reading the papers is pretty depressing with all doom and gloom, horrific crime stories etc

Now heres the part u dont hear

the opposition free market stars like Macri, De Narvaez are the dodgiest characters u could meet
the gov is clamping down on tax evasion big time, i welcome that as a positive development. In the time i have lived here there has been an explosion in the barrios privados, fancy gated areas for the well to do. i doubt too many of these lads are declaring all their $ in their annual tax return
the Argentine media is the most biased media u could ever have AGainst a gov. The tripe they print with a constant neverending barrage of everything the gov does , and i mean everything defies belief. The Clarin group and LA nacion in particular have zero credibility as they are speaking for their own crowd of kleptocrats who are currently out of favor with the gov. The Kirchner gov has done some good things asignacion familiar, nationalizing some key state enterprises, pursuing the criminals from the dictatorship, trying to make the farmers pay their taxes.
the macho bile directed against the president because she is a woman is particularly disgusting
Every country in the developed world has imposed restrictions on imports in an attempt to industrialise their own economies. its a right mess though when u cant get a spare part for your fridge , iron or computer so thats a bit annoying to put it mildly.
The Argentine obsession of having their $ in US$ is the most naive u will ever come across. When u mention to them that that the US gove is running 1.5 trillion dollar deficits and engaging in constant wars to steal other peoples oil it just passes over their head. Id much prefer a gov to be using their hefty foreign reserves to boost the economy rather than offering interest free non repayable loans to the US gov.
With the QE armada now matching the size of the US fleet in the Persian Gulf the price of commidities and food in particular is going to rocket worldwide. Considering Argentina is a big producer of food i think that could act as a buffer in the coming worldwide economic collapse

As for the Malvinas being the Argentine version of a false flag i think they will leave that to the experts in that area. The good old NATO/US/UK/ALCIAda, spreading death and destruction around the world 24/7


Nah. The ending of foreign private investment in the country for the next ten years. It’s a good thing dem furriners and dere grubby munny are gone…


i dont know what planet ye are on but having a strategic national resources such as oil. water etc in state hands is a no brainer… but then again for some people on the pin…


Grow up.


Chevron and gazprom seem to be interested … 09259.html


Thing Vader wants to say that Argentina is a resources play that has resources. Ireland has Tony O Reillys young lad ramping every seep and dome and reflection. Not a drop of ‘resource’ has come ashore on Tonys 35 year watch.

Course another Presidente/Presidenta could get elected who sells it off cheap to emmmmm Repsol or Shell… as has happened.


Billionaire New York hedge funder seizes Argentine navy’s $10m flagship over country’s unpaid debts -> … debts.html

Could anyone seize the Jeanie Johnson and save us some money.


why doesnt Argentina just shoot this singer guy? The CIA would have no problem doing it if the roles were reversed. i dont get it why these scum can hijack the world economy planes boats even


Or just take over private companies… oh wait…


well this singers hymn sheet doesnt look too good if his wiki is anything to go by:

sounds like a vampire on the shoulders of the 3rd world to me.

#15 … izure.html

Argentina has replaced the head of its navy and suspended two senior navy officials following the seizure of a naval training ship and its 300 crew in West Africa.

The Libertad was seized in Ghana by creditors who say they will not release the vessel until the South American country repays money owed to them following a default in 2001.
The creditors say Argentina owes them over $300m on defaulted debt and they will only release the ship if the country repays at least $20m.

Argentina defaulted on more than $100bn of debt in 2001 and 2002, the biggest default in history.



I guess she couldn’t create enough of a distraction with the Falklands.


the irish sheeple have more reason to be protesting than the Argentines at the moment…


to be honest i dont see a collapse coming at all. The 8N demo was bizarre in that it had people who wanted to pay no tax, poorer people looking for more benefits, people openly supporting the dictatorship of the 70s along with the the supporters of the Macris and DeNarvaezs families. Inflation is mad and the governmentt is lying through their teeth on that. however they have to be commended for not acting as sheeple when it comes to dealing with the debt situation rather than adopting the roll over and die approach a la Enda/noonan.

This article in the renowned FT showws just how ridiculous the current situation is: … zz2Cx9w2fx

theres no way Argentina should pay the vulture funds. if that means they are being forced to default on other restructured bonds that they actually plan on paying well thats not Argentinas fault. That some judge in NY is trying to dictate to a country what it has to do harks back to gunboat diplomacy. How long before the 5th fleet is off the coast of Argentina or they instigate a color revolution? maybe the Drone warrior will target the casa Rosada?


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

You’re kidding, right? It’s soooooo much better to fuck over the country, as long as you are individual about it?