Argentina all ready to kick off again


you have lost me, ud prefer a completely useless government to one that actually does something positive for a change?


What positive? I see little or nothing that the Argentine government has done as positive for its people.


well im not a big fan of the K governemnet but they are more appealing than the other dishes on the menu i tell u.

Nestor for all his faults did play hardball when it came to restructuring the debt back in 2004-2005 and dealing with the IMF. That was a massive achievement and stopped Argentina being bled white. A lot of people are a lot better off than they were 10 years ago but u wouldnt know that by the media oligarchy here with Clarin and La Nacion especially spouting way too much shit to be credible in my eyes. Clarin controls most media here and is so biased in its coverage it should just call itsel PRO/Rural.

Ireland seems intent on repeating an Argentina 2001 collapse with no leadership, balls or plan to get out of the mess. i cant see anything positive in what the current FG or previous FF govs have done in the last few years.


zh has a new posting on singer Vs Argentina … 3-showdown


Singer mustnt be too happy today, … entine.htm

suppose have to try a color revolution or else send in the bombers


Really? Just check how much is an extracted barrel of Venezuelan oil or Iranian oil against the barrel extracted from comparable fields by non-NOCs.


Errr, perhaps because Singer is acting within the international law and the ship is seized on a court order? But don’t let that confuse you too much. Guys who prefer expropriation and state ownership usually prefer mob rule to courts and such time-wasting nonsense.


i was thinking more of a nation retaining its sovereignty rather than living on the whim of some bP/Chevron gobshite. I wonder how much Iranians were getting for their oil when the BP puppet the Shah was in charge?


che nene, the court in hamburg has just ruled that Singer was acting outside the law. His Ghanain puppets have to allow the Libertad free passage ya. Im amazed Singer hadnt bought the judges off.

And the point still stands a drone should be sent to Elliot offices Monday morning. Terrorists must be hunted down and brought to justice. Obama Crocadile Tears Drone Warrior could surely do 1 good deed in his life


That’s waffle.

Chavez treated PDVSA like a cash cow and social service, starving it of investment and loading the head count so PDVSA is experiencing a drop in output (25% since 1998), increasing accident rate, increasing debt, increasing cost of extraction and decreasing profits. Since 2006 they are no longer publishing results, etc. That’s the result of ‘sovereignty’.

What I can’t understand why some people think that state ownership and operational control will bring a higher yield than a well structured royalty based contract (or in recent times service-based contracts when ownership of underground assets remains with the state and extracting companies are paid a fixed fee per barrel). This is a completely irrational stance, going against all historical evidence.


It did no such thing. It ordered Ghana to release the ship and made no judgement on the Ghanean previous court ruling let alone the actions of Singer who btw did not detain the ship but the port authorities in Ghana did based on the court order.



waffle my arse. Chavez has spent the $$ reducing poverty in his own country as well as buying weapons against a potential US attack. u seem to be overlooking the point that the country should benefit from having natural resources as opposed to having a super “efficient” business extracting every last dime and contributing nothing to the local economy a la the irish model

Another point of having state run enterprises is they tend to build up their own indigenous expertise rather than having foreigners running the entire show. hopefully they are less likely to cut corners on safety as well, that big explosion in Chavez land notwithstanding. look what shell have done in nigeria or BP in the Gulf of Mexico


ah grand case won, please direct your foul mouthed filth to the mirror in future. edit:and FFS Ghana was taking its orders from teh US embassy


Dear, you don’t need to tell me children’s going-to-bed stories. Problems of PDVSA are well known in the oil business. In the past couple of months they had two major accidents, one resulting in 50 dead and 1500 homes destroyed. This is not in the news as it is not that sexy like the BP spill. Same story with NIOC of Iran. It costs $15 to extract oil in Iran and $2 in comparable fields in Saudi Arabia. So if you want to look at how to make loads of money, extract oil efficiently and build local expertise, look at Saudi Aramco. Chest thumping produces lots of noise and little result.


Foul mouthed filth? You are calling for a murder of a guy you don’t like. And what the heck do you know where Ghana took orders. If the US government is ordering courts around the world to play nicely with Singer, how come a NY court recently ruled against Singer and in favor of Argentina? Obviously, you are clueless about this, aren’t you?


Saudi Arabia is the best example u can come up with???SAUDI ARABIA, that bastion of freedom and democarcy funding ALCIADA in Syria, Saudi Arabia who has foreigners doing almost all the engineering, Chavez was democratically elected which is more than u can say for the House of Saud. U cant see the wood from the trees. The western filth has no problem parroting the problems Venezuela has, FFS the Economist is hoping he dies


because that senile judges ruling was completely off the wall and would cause problems worldwide if left stand. oh dear how naive some people are


In fact, the example was not about democracy but about a decently run NOC with efficient extraction and yes foreigners participate but there’s plenty of locals on all levels. Since you raised the subject, there is probably more democracy involved in selecting the successor to Saudi King then in election of King Chavez.


Let’s see, the US State Dept orders Ghana to detain on behalf of Singer a virtually unsaleable vintage ship because it supports Singer’s hedge fund. At the same time it allows quashing of a court order for Argentina to pay Singer’s hedge fund $250m.

This logic of yours, you could not make this stuff up.


welñl that must be the clanger of teh year, even the US, Economist are forced to concede that Chavez was elected in free and fair elections, moronic comment