Argentina all ready to kick off again


yet another clanger, the Libertad is an Argentine national symbol that Singer reasonably reckoned they would pay for him to release it. The Argentine opposition made a lot of hay attacking the government over why the Libertad docked in Ghana to begin with, it was supposed to dock in Nigeria. And as for overruling the senile judge thats more to do with paying the bondholders who took part in the restructing. Bizarrely Argentina now has some strong allies in the US representing those bondholders in its fight with the vulture funds … -round-two


Rubbish. In post election piece The Economst referred to Chavez as a despot and stated that e used all state resources at his disposal to stack the deck in his favour. Anyway this clown is falling apart from cancer and is expected to drop dead soon so nobody is that concerned with him any more. I would recommend you go back and study the matter of NOCs, the complete lack of knowledge of which was the subject that triggered your nonsensical outbursts.


You entirely failed to address the inconsistency in your logic. On the one hand the US state dept orders courts around the planet to take symbolic moves against Argentina and on the other allows a ruling at home which completely screws the US hedge fund.


well to spell it out for u there is now a battle between 2 hedge funds, one of which is siding with the Argentine government, how much sunstroke did u get?


please take your rubbish with you. how a rag like the economist can call somebody that is democratically elected a despot is ridiculous. Nobody, nobody said the elections were rigged, even the opposition candidate accepted the result. and for people who live in South America they are interested in what way Venezuela goes so u can drop your northern hemisphere claptrap. Your complete lack of understanding of countries wanting to control their strategic resources and retain their sovereignty beggars belief. Go back to that tent in the desert,


its possible to be democratically elected and still be called a despot

Chavez is right about some things, his countries oil wealth should be used for the benefit of all the country, but the rest of his socialist shite is holding his country back, Venezuela could be one of the richest countries in the world if it was managed well


The access to the state media (pretty much the only media since Chavez shut down private media) was given to the opposition candidate for 3 minutes a day while Chavez’s propaganda was aired 4 hours daily. The election list grew from 14m to 19m with no corresponding increase in population. There is thousands of people older than 110 on the lists. The state employees were threatened with contract terminations if they don’t vote properly. Etc.


AFAIK the election list grew because Chavez and his supporters registered millions of poor people who in the past never voted

no doubt the electon was not perfect, but I bet the other side had their own 110 year olds voting against Chavez

Chavez should take a look at what Lula did in Brazil and try to do the same


I believe you’ve just hoisted yourself with your own petard, son. Aramco (National oil company of KSA) is 100% government owned and arguably the world’s most efficient, profitable and technologically advanced oil producer on the planet, making it the world’s most valuable company. Anyway, don’t let the facts get in the way of your ideology.


The point I’m making is that Saudi Aramco is government controlled.



The history of Aramco should be studied by the likes of Venezuelan or Iranian government and used as a blueprint of how to gradually take over the national oil company without chasing away the ‘foreign imperialists’ and their capital / knowhow. Saudi Aramco is the next best thing to a private upstream / downstream oil company. They never broke forcefully the links with the American partners and to this day maintain an international workforce, albeit with less westerners than say 15-20 years ago. PDVSA are a bunch of bare-arsed peasants next to Saudi Aramco and this is down to management and not only the massive resources both companies are sitting on. Having said that, Aramco sit on the largest pile of resources on the planet so perhaps it’s not too difficult to be smart.


Aye and an affluent town. Nice chocolates.


for all u fluent spanish speakers/ google translators la nacion is saying 292 shops were damaged /ransacked in 40 towns/cities over 2 days … 0-ciudades

the gov is accusing the largest union CGT of orchestrating the looting and vice versa. It would be a bit strange for a gov to be trying to generate this kind of publicity.

im sitting in my tank waiting for the mob to storm my city :smiley:


Link to the film segments


Argentina freezes prices to break inflation spiral - -> … ion-spiral

And what happened last time they did that?

#56 … fight.html


Argentines catch gold bug as inflation eats away at peso - -> … 38480.html


Argentine credit card holders buying abroad now charged with 20% tax -> … ith-20-tax


Argentina declares war on Falkland Islands oil reserves, warning of ‘criminality’ --> … xploration


Very sad.

Modern day UK or Argentina did not create this issue. They inherited it, as have the islanders themselves that are driven ever closer to the UK because they are scared sh1tless of a neighbour that refuses to even recognise their existence.

This is South America’s oil - from exploration to drilling, transportation, infrastructure and supporting services - the benefits to the whole region could be huge. But this has to start with a little mutual respect and I fear this will end badly.