Argentina Seizes 51% of Oil Producer

Didn’t Iran enjoy some ‘regime change’ back in 1953 following similar moves ?

Will be interesting to see how all this works out.
I’ve a feeling there’s a lot more of this to come from many different countries.

The UK based ‘free-market’ agenda Economist is hardly impartial when commenting on Argentina

Check out the alternative view … in_America

Stall the digger there boss, from that wikipage:

So the major powerhouses of south America banned a book on south America
I’ve read a few books of south america, not read that one, i’ll check it out.

While the behavior of the conquistadors was poor, the South Americans have been their own worst enemies since then.

Since the growth period up to 1930 Argentina has experienced 3 catastrophic economic events and is headed for a 4th

1930s: a military junta takes power. This ended seven decades of successful civilian constitutional government which made Argentina the world’s 10th wealthiest nation per capita.

1976 - 80’s: The end of import substitution, agriculture industry is decimated inflation rampant.

90’s: Peso pegged to dollar, again inflation rampant, official figures massaged pensions wiped out.

2012: inflation rampant, official figures massaged…

All of these were self made events facilitate by fascists, greed and incompetence and is, oddly enough, remarkably similar in timeline to that of Spain’s economic pains of the last hundred years.

1930s: Military Junta comes to power, closes economy off
1970s: Military Junta ends and economy is opened up, inflation rampant
1990s: peg to euro
2012: …er…?

how strange that i, an irishman, love those two nations so much… must be something cultural!

The main theme of the book is the lower economic development in Latin America in comparison to North America and Europe was caused by (i) conquistadors (ii) in the post independence era (since early 1800s) by trade practices and political and economic interference by European and North American countries.
In respect of the second aspect: The right-wing governments facilitate the economic interference (cheap exports of commodities, and unrestricted access for manufactured imports); a small section of the Latin America society benefits, the majority suffers. The developed countries which receive cheap commodity imports and have a market for their manufactured goods benefit greatly.

Worst enemies? … maybe the blame needs to be dispersed more widely

I think one of South Americas main problem is that the US sees it as their patch, they appear to interfere at will. The culture of the Caudillo doesn’t help them either.

well it looks as if that Monroe doctrine might be coming to an end with the rise of the BRICS and Argentina telling Spain to sod off

Interestingly enough, I recently read some thoughts of Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel-prize-winning author and would-be president of Peru.

The point that struck me most strongly was where he claims that in the 1950s, the inhabitants of Miraflores (Rathgar/Ballsbridge of Lima) believed that they lived in a white, western country. He also says that this view would be impossible to hold today, with the political and social changes of the intervening period.

These people lived in a world that was far from the reality of the country around them, and this is probably the case of the majority of countries in Latin America - particularly where the majority is mainly Indian or mestizo; and this minority would have closer links with their ilk in neighbouring counrties than with the bulk of the fellow citizens.

In today’s world, this is a fairly common postcolonial situation, it would seem, and not a million miles from some aspects of our own situation, I feel.

Hush now Barney, facts like those don’t fit with the victim mentality. It was the nasty foreign types what done it

7th Wealthiest??, not in terms of assets, infrastructure, social structures, strength and depth of economy.
High income for a few decades including WW1 from agricultural exports, the income was concentrated in large landowners who were conservative by natuure
(check out Argentina cival wars of mid 1800s for historical context).

I haven’t lived there but visited twice.
Not a huge amount of infrastructure outside the capital in my view.

Their high income in the early 1900s derived from agricultural produce, I don’t think their Gini index on wealth distribution would have looked that good given the small number of large landowners who were in control.
The depression in the 30s and the rise of cheap fertilisers and the Green Revolution in the 40s put a big dent in their export markets.

I have travelled a little in South America. On first impressions, my thoughts were; why if most of the countries have had independence for nearly 200 years have they not performed better economically and socially since then.
The question can equally be applied to Chile, Brasil, Venuzuala etc as to Argentina.

Have all the political systems in these countries been defective? Are they not sufficently imbuded with Protestant work ethic or are there other forces at work?
Some people from South America, such as Senor Galeano, have a different view on things.

“The Church says: the body is a sin.
Science says: the body is a machine.
Advertising says: The body is a business.
The Body says: I am a fiesta.”
― Eduardo Hughes Galeano

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