🇦🇷 Argentinians Vs The Menace

Milei, a radical libertarian, told Bloomberg News his bold fiscal adjustment would boost Argentina’s reputation and credit profile, making a default unnecessary.

There’s a 1/2 hour interview with Tucker Carlson embedded in this article that was very interesting.

He could turn out to be another Giorgia Meloni. Actions speak louder than words.

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So he’s been elected!

“Today brings an end to the impoverishing model of the omnipresent state, that only benefits some while the majority of Argentines suffer… Today we retake the path that made this country great. Today we embrace the ideas of libertarianism.”

Radical Argentine president-elect Milei hails new era

We’re All Argentinian’s now! :wink: Were’s me flag… :argentina:

Given that it’s the UK Independent, the mistake under the photo…

@Pill What was the mistake?

Checking the usual usuals, we find


He also studies Torah regularly.

In an interview with Spain’s El Pais newspaper over the summer, Milei talked about his study with Rabbi Shimon Axel Wahnish, who heads ACILBA, an Argentine-Moroccan Jewish community based in Buenos Aires. Milei said he has considered converting to Judaism but worries about how Shabbat observance would clash with the duties of the presidency.

Argentina’s far-right presidential frontrunner wants to become Jewish

Javier Milei studies Jewish topics regularly with Buenos Aires rabbi but admits observing Sabbath may be obstacle to converting; he also vows to move country’s embassy to Jerusalem


We all read a bit of the Torah and other books now and again but we don’t think about converting right? :man_shrugging: :whistle: :icon_beer:

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Presidential candidate Javier Milei, right, celebrates with his sister Karina Milei (Natacha Pisarenko/AP)


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Up is down, left is right, bad is good… nothing to see here!

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May have posted this before but if not… :sweat_smile:


Any upcoming trips for Manchurian Martin to South America?

What with Irish diaspora and all this political common ground, surely things are looking up right?!





Met a Buddhist once who wore a skull bone bracelet. While she said she meditated to Green Tara, I do wonder. She did say at one stage there was a faster path. She was a lovely lady & great company, did a lot of travelling, teaching mythology she said, but the bracelet of skull beads made of bone was memorable.

Still with the Donald…

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He could be talking about Ireland of the last few decades, well he is, isn’t he.


If you hadn’t noticed it was the artist is what got seduced first in the 60’s when all this got going. Manufacturing culture etc. etc. and we have endless celebrity pronouncements and activism for the latest things, as a learned reflex and paying dues in the game.

Solution doesn’t like Problem or Problem doesn’t like Solution

“The first thing I think is that he’ll need to understand the rules of the political game. And that is something to which he is not accustomed.”

Archived link: https://archive.is/fwuTM


He has a lot of the right enemies anyway…

OSS said Hitler escaped to Argentina and they’d know right!? :wink:


Nov 28th