Arranging viewing of the house for sale

Hi guys,

Have been reading the pin for some time now, but posting the first time. We are FTBs with mortgage AIP. Have sent 5 messages over and last Wednesday asking whether it would be possible to view houses (5 different houses, 5 different EAs) on Thur/Fri, but got only one called back. The EA that called me back said that it’s nearly weekend (on Thursday morning) and house can be viewed next week, Saturday viewing is not possible. Then I rang other EAs on Thursday and heard same story, no weekend viewings and viewings can be arranged next week. Is this common? How much notice do EAs need? I thought in current climate, EAs would show more initiative than this…

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less EAs (as EA offices are closing)
more houses for sale (as this is Ireland)
probably a fair amount of people who want a house (and so they would be looking for viewings)
no bank loans for people mentioned (as banks are fooked)

so, less agents and more houses probably means the estate agents that are left are busy enough showing people who can’t afford current prices or get negative equity loans a bunch of houses

Either they are all on 3 day weeks or have no idea about sales waiting for a fresh barrel of fish delivery any day now.

I made a few low ball but realistic offers myself on some rental places but still I haven’t even gotten an acknowledgement. There seems to be no appetite for doing deals/haggling/neogitiating. If its not the price it doesn’t seems to garner any interet. fine by me. I have alternative arrangements.

I suppose also their clients are not even aware someone may have made an offer. some of these places have been on the market vacant for 6 months. :unamused:

The mind boggles.

The owners of the houses usually ask for 24 hrs notice before viewings. The bank holiday weekend might not have been great for people to have to clear out of their houses for viewings. Also, if you want to view a house, just pick up the phone and ring EAs office. You’d be a week waiting for someone to reply to an email sent from Daft.

I’ve sent two more messages to different EAs today (can I name them?), so I’ll see whether they’ll get back. Maybe there excuse will be that it’s a short week, this time around :unamused:
Also, noticed that DNG don’t advertise on… Are they scared of property bee?

When I was selling my house if someone wanted to view it I let them as soon as they wanted to. Even if it meant running about like a lunatic tidying and getting out with the dogs so they could see it in peace. I had plenty of calls from my EA on Saturday mornings asking if they could see the house in the next hour, preferably sooner, so I got up and got out. I wanted to sell my house, it’s why I had it on the market. If I thought my EA was treating potential buyers the way the OP describes I would have been enraged.

If it’s not too much hassle for the OP I’d suggest popping a note in the letterboxes of the houses and letting the vendor know the way their agent is treating interested potential buyers.

You’re probably better off ringing the EA, rather than e-mailing.

and when you contact the estate agent, tell them to ask the vendor, will they show you the house in the knowledge that you will be offering no more than 80% of the asking price, its the first step in you negotiations :angry:

Ah, but then THEY know what you have in your wallet to begin with. Wouldnt it be better to begin reeling them in with just an interest in the property?

hello - do you read the pin or have missed a bad attempt at sarcasm ?? - tell them nothing of the sorts - even if you are interested after viewing say nothing!

To the OP - I’d put it down to the Bank Holiday weekend - ring again on Tuesday - afternoon around 3.30pm - IF they haven’t got back to you before them - I gave up emailing looking for viewings - I only email now if I am confirming a ( low but realsitic ) offer - which is less and less often.

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OP name and shame!

Don’t ask for this on the pin.

Don’t name and shame here. This is not the website for it. You’ll have to join another forum or start your own blog to do that.

You’re free to go set one up for him pmwhelan, just don’t do it here.

When we were renting out a room in a house share, the first time I advertised it and did the whole thing via email. Didn’t want the hundreds of phone calls and thought it would be easier to have it all nicely written down and in one place. Gave them my phone number when it was set up. Set up six appointments in one night, and I think one person actually bothered to show up. The next time I just used the phone and everyone showed up and the room got rented straight away.

When I was house hunting myself, I found that when I emailed people it rarely even led to a viewing, when they had a number and I rang them it was easily managed.

I think what I’m trying to get at is that estate agents may have a considerable bank of experience telling them that emailers are by and large time wasters. By emailing them you’re avoiding the personal connection and keeping your distance. EAs are at heart (or at least like to think they are) people persons. They want to talk to you, to meet you face to face and to gauge what you really mean when you describe what you want in a house. They may be desperate to make a sale, but when you email you’re basically telling them you’re not quite ready to commit to the process.

If you’re actually interested, you’ll call them.

Just reading all you comments on trying to arrange house viewing, what is going on here!!! i just don’t get it, people are crying out for work, companies are crying out for business, and yet no one seems to want to work!! wouldn’t you think people would take every opportunity given, regardless of the result… I don’t get it! do we ever learn?

Because it’s not an opportunity

Not an opportunity? Your selling, someone wants to buy, how could a viewing not be an opportunity of a sale? No viewing! No sale!

Here is the update. As advised by the pinsters, I rang EAs this morning. One was nice and polite. Even said thanks for the phone call. Next one was completely different story. The tone and attitude was absolutely rotten. :open_mouth: Also apparently, there is a gentlemen interested in the house. :unamused: Not sure if I am that interested in the house after this.

I just rang Castles looking for a floor plan that was missing from MyHome.


Me:“Im looking for the floor plan of …address…”
EA: “Hmm, I dont deal with that let me get back to you”
EA: “Can I ask are you a First time buyer?”
Me: I answered…
EA: “Can I ask are you mortgage approved, ready to go?”
Me: “I just want the floor plan please”

The nosy so-and-so’s]()](

oooh - if it were me and bearing in mind the total bitch that I’m supposed to be, I would discreetly drop a letter through the letterbox saying you were interested in arranging a viewing however found the EA less than accommodating of same viewing - then wish them well for the sale of the house - should cause a few eyebrows to be raised.

Here is another update. We viewed couple of houses yesterday (west of Dublin). The first house @ 305K, EA said that there was an offer of 275K that vendor rejected. Then, at the end of viewing, EA said that the seller is prepared to reduce the price by 15K. :unamused: The house is rented now, so as you can imagine, it’s in a right state. Oh and we had a pleasure of meeting the tenants. The second house is up for sale at 310K and EA advised during the viewing that vendor has already rejected an offer of 270K. Second EA rang me today to ask whether we liked the house and if we want to arrange the second viewing give them a call. I told them that we will not be doing this as our offer would’ve less than the rejected one i.e. 210K. EA said that this kind of offer will never be accepted and that their valuation of the house reflected current market prices. The tone of the voice went from being very polite to very …… :smiling_imp: Our walk away bid for the second house would’ve been 250K as we liked it, but I guess it doesn’t matter now….

Is this new trick ? What are EAs playing at? :unamused: