Arson Surges Across U.S. for Foreclosed Homes

How long before we see the upswing (in arson) ?

Holy Firesale Batman, that’s a lot of foreclosures.

This may be already happening in Ireland. There are a few threads on this already here: … ight=arson
and here … ight=arson

Ye, I knew we already had threads, but couldn’t find them.

So it’s not just financially that this international housing bubble is destroying lives. It’s truly disgusting.

And it isn’t even the highest, Nevada with one foreclosure in in 54 houses is three times worse. Has it made it into a CSI: Las Vegas episode yet ?

From the Irish Times today… Is there an “arsonwatch” thread for Ireland?

Including this gem…

No serious offers… meaning at 4-5 times the price he bought it for?

You have to remember that the vast majority of these arson/foreclosures occur in black and Latino ghettoes. For political correctness reasons, the US media avoids mentioning this salient fact.

Ireland doesn’t have the racially segregated urban ghettos that are a feature of almost every US city, and we don’t have a history of systematically burning down sectors of our communities, as has often occurred in black US ghettoes (South Bronx, Watts district) so I don’t think you can extrapolate to the Irish situation.

I don’t much agree with this. I think that I and many others that I know are aware of racial boundaries and ghetto communities througout the country. Certain neigbourhoods are very much out of control here in Ireland and there are certain social segregations still present, very much based on economic factors where certain classes only shall live. See for example Shrewsbury Road or Mitchell’s Crescent as examples.

I think Ireland has it’s own level of racism, which while not distinguished by skin colour is a racisim where people sense a social difference based on economic segregation.

In my opininon for what it’s worth that has an ongoing significance for many people negatively. Especially see how councils have messed up many persons perception of their own ghetto when other classes have been forced in upon them. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some places being burnt down in years to come, or abandoned as is more the Irish way.

I agree with that.