Article on inefficiencies in social housing allocations

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from Brendan Burgess and Karl Deeter


And even with this info, the government choses to plan to enact more law involving planning legislation to prevent short term letting (less than 14 days) as a response to the housing crisis. Rubbish.


This got some coverage on radio this morning too. I wasn’t paying full attention so can’t even recall the station.

Good work by Karl and Brendan. They need to pass that info onto Peter Casey :smiley:


Great article.

Why hasn’t this been imposed already?


because its bad political optics XX


With the number of people voting for Peter Casey, I’m not so sure about that any more.


What’s the underoccupancy as a percentage of council stock? Bedrooms or units.


I don’t think we have those figures in Ireland.


Yes, this will never happen.

There was also a suggestion recently, for non social housing, that retirees be incentives to move to smaller homes to allow for young families to move in. That was debunked fairly quickly


Leo is on the case, hes only missing a bucket with a hole in it.

The 100,000 nationals made irish citizens in the last few years have to live somewhere. … 5078998016