Articles/Advice on Investing


Is there an opportunity for a thread that collates articles, advice, etc., for general investing, not in the form of the recomended thread but someplace that people can put specific articles, links, advice. I think it would be a useful addition, I come across articles that may or may not be relevant but I don’t really think that they warrant a new thread and hence don’t bother posting them but if there was a general thread it could act as a bin for this sort of stuff.

There seems to be a lot of interest in investing on the Pin and a lot of people that encounter quite a lot of interesting information.


i reckon thats a good idea! one where you can post info links etc. OW? any odds of a sticky for sources of good info?

This is the sort of stuff I’m talking about, somebody might point out that it is absolutely tosh but fair enough I would be interested as to why.

Read Mark Shipmans “The next big investment boom” - basic enough but an interesting read for any novices (such as myself)

I wouldn’t mind seeing this but I don’t think it fits with the direction OW wants to take the Pin.

Yep that would be a correct assesment.

Perhpas a blog dedicated run by a few users here?
Its not hard to set up really.

Why not direct those who wish to discuss investment to where they can do this.

Fair enough, it would be preferable to have it all under one roof but its your site, so your call.

I have just popped on to that forum and there doesn’t seem to have been much in the way of activity since April of this year :frowning:

In all fairness, it would only be the fifth sticky in here…

Make the thread, if it gets popular, it could be stickied!! It needs to be popular first though…

if anybody wants to do posts for let me know, this type of post would be appropriate, but it would have to be in blog format rather than forum posting format.

Maybe this thread has answered the question already, it doesn’t seem to be very popular.

What might one call such a thread? I will make an effort to post and see if it will get some momentum.

There are plenty of non stickied threads on the Pin that survive through their enduring popularity.

I dislike stickies I must say - they tend to become just clutter on the page and I just ignore them, particularly if they are not active.

Personally I only ever use latest.php on the Pin, so whether something is stickied or not is irrelevant, I’ll only see a thread if it’s being posted to.