Ashroe, Coast Road, Malahide (-1.7m 35% ?)

Currently listed twice on Daft with different EAs and vastly different prices:

At 4,800,000
And at 6,500,000

An impressive property, with the sea views and tennis court and all. But even at the lower of those prices…

The view is good and probably the garden is large end of story because there is no way this place is worth that kind of money. I was watching one of those Location programmes on C4 (I think it was anyway) during the week and a couple bought a 5 bedroom stunning detached house with ensuites and walk in wardrobes and beautiful views for £980k sterling and to add to it the house had presence in that it looked worth the money plus had an interior to match.

Whereas this just looks like a bungalow with a dorma on steroids and prettty bland at that. Atypical, overpriced, plain, trying too hard to use the view to sell it and if that is the case it normally seems to me the property itself cant stand on its own two feet.
I must compare it to what you can buy on the continent or a European capital to see what you get for this kind of money because this is a joke.


You have hit the nail on the head. I’ve made the point on numerous occasions before that we have to start to comapare what you get on the continent to what is for sale here. The situation here ( and indeed in the UK) is so out of whack that comparing one suburb with another or 2006 prices to 2008 prices is just not the right way to go about it.

This house is a very good example of the situation. As you say Dormer on steriods, yet with a hugh asking price. No wonder the game started to fall apart at the high end of the market. We have a long way to go before we find any kind of bottom here.

The reversal will be long and deep.

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It was 6.5m(yikes!) back in Sept … 33276.html
so I guess that’s the old price.