Asking Prices - Worrying developments


You can’t definitively call a bubble until it’s popped.


Ah you can. If anybody was in full possession of the facts in 2006 and denying it was a bubble, they were morons.


Or politicians, oh wait…

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Sold via auction. I wonder how they got it down to BER G - there were built 15/20yrs ago and all others are listed as D1-3 in the state?

I think whoever bought did okay, however it’s hardly a breakthrough price with spend of €400k+ to be in reasonable condition


New addition in Mount Prospect Grove today:

Number 38 come on at €495k. … -3/3295116

Number 37 (next door first listed June 8th) and Number 29 (first listed June 3rd) both on at €550k … -3/3231374 … n/1068448/

Appreciate there’s a bit of work needed on number 38 but not €55k’s worth. How long till we see a reduction on 37?

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2 bed shed in Deansgrange - 575k
"Sherry FitzGerald is delighted to welcome to the market this two bedroom bungalow which sits on a glorious site with impressive c. 60 ft. long rear garden and spacious off-street parking to the front. Set in this most convenient of locations, ‘Taveta’ is expected to be of enormous interest to a wide variety of discerning purchasers. ’


Is it just me, or did a whole pile of new houses come up for sale today, at outrageously overpriced valuations. Suspicious timing, with the CSO numbers out, somehow though I just cant imagine EAs being that smart.


FFS, it’s beyond a joke.


This is one of the worst Ive seen in a while, had to look at this several times to see if I was missing something, but nope :open_mouth:


First Thursday of the Autumn selling season :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: It looks like it should have a couple of petrol pumps in the forecourt and three month old sandwiches for sale at the counter…


Yesterday was Wednesday.


Doesn’t help this one’s cause one bit asking 60K more


Went to look at 4 and it needs a lot of work. Is is very poor condition and what really put us off was a tiny back garden. Also went to look at number 18, nice enough house however again a tiny garden and not a fan of the ‘open plan’ front drives (the neighbor’s big jeep was half parked on 18’s driveway!).


would you say there was 60K worth of work to be done in #4? Just curious…


Hard to say. 18 has a small extension on the back so if you were to do the same to 4 plus to bring it up to decent standard, BER etc I’m sure you could spend 60K pretty easily.


Fair point, thanks!


At the time I was certain it was a bubble, but it’s crazy to say those who didn’t agree with me were “morons”.

Most people you’ve ever met think that if it’s never happened before, it won’t ever happen. It’s a natural assumption for humans to make. We’re not Turing-complete computers, we are organic beings. Flawless logic doesn’t come naturally to people, they need a lot of training.


The funny thing is that most people think that even though it did happen it can never happen again. Just look at the responses on the Pin when one suggests a further fall >10%.


Quite a difference between a >10% never happening again, and a >10% drop not being a realistic danger in the foreseeable future, given current context.