Asking Prices - Worrying developments


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Reality hits as market enters calming phase … -1.2382281


I’m not sure I buy this notion of ‘much more stock / many more options than last year’ that she claims. The Daft report for the third quarter has an increase in Dublin stock (about 30% up from last year), but less stock available everywhere else, compared to last year. The Autumn listings in Dublin seemed underwhelming in volume to me - I was expecting more tbh.


A lot of the ‘stock’ at the moment (at least in the areas I’ve been paying attention to) seems to be unsold stuff from the beginning of the year, where vendors have offers but are refusing to drop prices. Some of it well above any of the prices anyone is actually achieving. So you could question whether it should really be considered stock at all; absent a price drop no-one is going to buy it.


3 Aspen Avenue, Clonsilla, Dublin 15
€325,000 - 4 Bed Semi-Detached House 125.42 m² / 1350 ft² For Sale … 15/3369668

I follow these houses quite closely as there are loads of identical ones in these estates. Last PPR sale on that road of same house type (4 bed semi):

“15/11/2014”,“38 ASPEN AVE, CLONSILLA, DUBLIN 15”,“Dublin 15”,“Dublin”,“€355,000.00”,“No”,“No”,“Second-Hand Dwelling house /Apartment”,""

So that asking is 9% down from PPR sale in Nov 2014.


Anecdote alert: A house very near the one I just bought went on sale shortly after mine. It has just had a big price cut and 0 people turned up to the open viewing last weekend. The asking was quite ambitious to start with to be sure.


SherryFitz have done a haircut on many properties in SoCoDu areas I’m following…


Huh? It’s 10% deposit on first 220K (22K) and 20% on balance (6K), so 28K deposit needed not 50K as she, ‘an expert’, states!

I can’t even begin to see how she got 200K deposit for a 700K house. Actually 118K by my calculations…


Only for FTBers though. Others have to front the full 20% AFAIK.


Property does not always go up in value. It depends on when they bought and when and if they sold. Many people are in negative equity.


While many people may be in negative equity the vast majority are not.

Least we forget with 800k mortgages and 2 million properties the majority of property is owned outright.

#1174 … in/3111613 … id=3111613 … enDocument

Very strong price. Just a plain 3 bed, well decorated, no extras or anything special


1 Upper Beechwood Avenue, Ranelagh was asking €550,000 - sold on 22nd September for €715,000 … -6/3179773 … enDocument


49 Kincora Avenue added last week: EUR625k, 1,432 sq ft so EUR 436 per sq ft … -3/3377437

Hard to not imagine this putting downward pressure on 68 and 119 Kincora Avenue. - EUR 50k price reductions at both within the next month?


Asking €725k … id=1049637 … -3/2844837

Made €735k … s=clontarf


68 Kincora Avenue down 55k to 695k … -3/3175564


22 days left for 119 to follow suit. Otherwise I’m giving up this game!


I actually have this valued at 575k in the current market so interesting where it drops out in the end.

So -17% from current asking and -23% from original asking.

Minimum mortgage requirements at EUR695k:

Deposit: 139k. (117k for FTB)
Renovations: starting from 40k
Income: EUR158k

Fill your boots


The general stock of houses in Clontarf seems pure s’hite (I think one house in 500-700k bracket with BER of C1 or higher) and the prices seem very inflated.


Sold for EUR472k as per PPR