Asking Prices - Worrying developments


Bloody hell that’s expensive

#1184 … in/3246762

Looks like the vendor is dripping this one down, from it’s mental original price

Must be hard to compete with the likes of this … in/3153416

There’s just too much cash to be spent doing the killeen house up after deposit


Went to view this house. Wasn’t very impressed and tiny garden for a family house. Wouldn’t even pay €400K for it.


5 Baymount Park: EUR895k for 1,300sq ft 3-bed semi in Clontarf. … -3/3397546

Well located for the park and coast and then has a good sized garden and planning permission but even so that seems quite excessively priced.

Interesting that its come on at EUR45k above Nearby No 17 … -3/3105137

Evidently planning permission is worth EUR45k. What is found astounding is that you’d be imagining you’re going to drop c.EUR200k on the extension, integration and upgrade of the house so you’re looking at EUR1m+


Billy Bob, I presume you meant to link to #17 here … -3/3319489


Most of the killeen one’s seem to have tiny gardens, from very old viewings we went to, which is why i’m surprised by the prices achieved. It is an attarctive little estate but it’s not likely sebury which has it’s own shops nearby.


15 seafield that billy linked makes the others look hideously overpriced, even if it has little garden.

3 bed semi’s for nearly €900k - even if it is Clontarf - only one way those are going!

Very expensive gardens in clontarf!


Apologies for the mistake on the link. Kenny agree with what you’re saying and that’s what I’d been looking at. I struggle to understand who’d want to pay that amount for 1,300 sq ft and a big garden when you’ve got the likes of Ennafort on at 400-500k next to the other side of the park.


I think this had gone sale agreed a few weeks back but perhaps the buyers finally got some sense - As for Coill Dubh the show house is pretty amazing bu while the 3 beds are priced at €450k so far none have sold a that price, they’ve been in and around €4ook and some even lower according to PPR.At that price they are a much better buy than killeen but think at €450 they arent good value


that’s because new builds don’t have VAT included in the PPR, you need to add that back in to get the real sale price.


As nearlyirish says you need to multiply by 1.135 (13.5% vat) to get full price paid.

The new builds seem to be hugely popular in malahide right now - last update so another 3 added, with no older properties.

Not only do you not need to have more cash to re-furb, you shouldn’t have to spend a thing for good few years, there is no vendor getting cold feet, no survey issues etc. I can see the appeal given the current market.


69 Kincora Avenue just listed at €650k. … -3/3404122

Assume priced of 68’s latest price


Four price drops by the Sherry Fitzgerald branch in Castleknock today … 15/3342212 … 15/3357211 … 15/3247302 … 15/3135302


Each one of those gaffs are overpriced. Then again, I think I am the last bear left at the pin…


Malahide secondhands seriously overpriced versus new homes(which are slow to move with good stock still available)…viewed various houses Seapark(4), Millview(4), Gaybrook(3) and Biscayne(2) in recent months, with 20% CB deposit there’s nothing left to renovate these money pits…the only way is down…roll on January sales :angry:

I intend to remain renting and let this collapsing market find its level 8DD


What makes you so confident that ‘the only way is down’? Or that this is a 'collapsing market? The latter is patently an absolutely absurd statement and one without a shred of evidence.

If you scroll through pin posts from 2012 on, you will find many claims, in all sorts of threads and expressed with similar confidence, that house prices were either about to fall further or flatline. Such claims have been proven entirely wrong. The market may soften in 2016 (though I’d suggest the majority here would opt for continued, albeit modest rises in prices). What factors (other than a black swan) do you think are in play that will precipitate this imminent ‘collapse’?


Lack of bank credit to support prices in SCD at 9-10X avg wages. I’m seeing prices drops across the board in the areas I’ve been looking. Just anecdotal at the moment,sure. Nice to hear the soft landing making its fabled return though. :smiley:


The ‘soft landing’ taunt was getting a bit tired even years back; now it’s meaningless. After all, house prices have been rising significantly for close to 3.5 years now. By year end, the statistics will show 2015 to be another year of price rises. They are the facts. Unwelcome ones certainly, but the facts nonetheless.


Soft landing is indeed meaningless because there never is one, once prices move to the downside, they become the driver of prices to the downside, and down they go. Just as people had rising prices burned into their psyche fueling the ‘must get on now’ mentality of the last few years, they have a crash burned into their psyche too, they just need to be reminded, that goes for journalists too. BTW, it wasn’t meant as a taunt, I didn’t mean to be rude. You’ve been right for quite some time, I just don’t see it lasting, without credit.


The closing comment hits the nail on the head “without credit”, the last time credit dried up was 2011 and we all saw what happened then.

It may not be carnage but certainly a slip downwards on “asking prices” has begun and its only now PPR figures will begin to reflect CB rules being approximately 3/4 months out of date…

We may not have evidence now but its going to be there for everyone to see particularly in lofty areas of Dublin come January 2016 :angry: