Asking Prices - Worrying developments

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Potential for development yes - but to extand you’ll be into €600k for a double story extension and 4 bed house.

Mad price!


Just saw that 69 Kincora avenue was reduced from EUR675k —> EUR650k and so just thought I’d revisit some of these:

  1. 68 Kincora Avenue. Reduced from EUR750k — EUR 695k in October 2015. Still Available. EUR464/sq ft.
  2. 119 Kincora Avenue - Sale agreed 1,399 sq ft.
  3. 63 Kincora Drive. listed at EUR560k. Sold for EUR637k - sale at EUR422 sq ft.
  4. 65 kincora Grove - still for sale. EUR650k - EUR501 sq ft.
  5. 124 Kincora Grove - Listed at EUR695k but appears to have been delisted. Was EUR496 sq ft.
  6. 30 Kincora Road - listed at EUR795k - sale agreed. Different style but would have been EUR509 sq ft.
  7. 49 Kincora Avenue - listed at EUR625k - sale agreed. Would have been EUR436 sq ft.
    8) 69 Kincora Avenue - Reduced to EUR650k - EUR538 sq ft.

Seems like 425-450 sq ft seems to be the going rate. Will try and post an update in a few weeks/months.


Out in Terenure, 7 Fortfield Grove fell from 650k to 595k yesterday.




Health warning: Only a narrow 3 month window used … 0-Mar2016/


Quick, would-be parents! Grab a house on a tree-lined street to secure your child’s future intelligence:
“Tree-lined streets ‘can raise children’s intelligence’
Greenery can increase house prices by 20% and make you feel younger, seminar told” … -1.2649911


They didn’t give the citation for this research but i can tell you it is a paper from the international peer reviewed journal *Tree lovers weekly * authored by Billy Twelvetrees et al
…think of all the trees they could have saved by not printing this shite :smiley:


I’m guessing it was this University of Chicago paper, which doesn’t seem to mention intelligence: … and-wealth


Top o’ the marnin’ to ye Mantissa. That’s a very old bet to be reviewing. How come you’re deleting loads of your historical posts?


The past always comes back to haunt :smiley: