Atlantic View, Doonbeg, Co. Clare (-149k, -37.4%)

Was 399k, etc.

Now 265k

“UNBEATABLE VALUE, REDUCED FROM 400,000 Euro to 265,000 euro, unbeatable value!!!”

Yes, now just a QUARTER OF A MILLION EURO :open_mouth: What value!
For less money, $335,000, you could have the likes of … state.aspx
This country needs to get real and remember it’s just a small island off the coast of a larger island off the coast of Europe.

now 250k:

It’s nice and all, but wouldn’t the water just keep pouring out of the bath?


Well that statement has proven to be untrue. As they reduced the price further. It should read beatable value!
The side ways photographs are just sloppy. survival of the fitest for EA’s should put an end to this type of messy advertising, bring it on.

as for the bath… chuckle.

OK, so what is a “TWO FAMILY HOME ?”

anyway, 5 bed bungalow, view of the ocean, no BER, 2250 sq ft, and so €117/sq ft which isn’t that bad actually.

Is that commutable to Limerick or Galway ?

Doesn’t sound too bad to me, 5 bedrooms with what reads to be three of them en-suite, the master bedroom has a walk in wardrobe, and the views are pretty fab. You get what you pay for at the end of the day - spend “mid terrace three bed” money and you will get exactly that! BER certs expire, from my work in solicitors offices most developers are only putting BER certs on their properties once they have serious interest. Otherwise it is money down the drain for them.