ATM cash limits halved - La Banque Postale - France

This time in France, apparently. … h-in-half/

Mr. Keiser betrays his ignorance of European banking. Even 1,500 a week is a pretty good limit. My guess is that it is related to fraud/criminality… apparently even the rich do it…

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more like it.

Max Keiser is truly one of the idiots of the financial world.

And God knows it has lots of them :cry:

Overnight a few yrs ago the whole blogosphere became full of these so called experts…

Can’t find any discussion about it over on the French equivalent of this website: … ive_topics

This page: doesn’t say anything about gold cards, but suggests that one can still take out 3K per week with a Visa Premier card, if you’re using the ATM (GAB) of the Banque Postale.

Edit: On reading the ocular assault that is the website, I see that it’s a planned reduction starting from August 1st.

What’s to stop “Mr cash in hand” from opening multiple accounts and using his “allowance” from each of those accounts. :angry: