Attic conversion - 9 Ardee Court, Rathmines

Does anyone know what the (planning) regulations around attic conversions are? I’m guessing this one might be a fire safety issue? … -6/2223228

Any thoughts welcome - thanks!

It’s not conceivable that that was done without FPP or cast iron assurances it didn’t need it.

I’m sure the Pin’s highly paid legal team would agree with me.

Looks ok to me but could not be discribed as a bedroom.

  1. No Door into bedroom (fire break)
  2. head height issues at top of stairs.

But usefull additional space all the same.

The bigger issue is that this is currently laid out as an office so you may need to apply for planning permission to convert back to residential use.

The ultra convenient location renders a car a luxury rather than a necessity.

is that meaning no car parking,

I think I’d turn the office reception area into my Bar! 8DD

Has anyone ever lived over a car park entrance like that?

Yes, 4 bed flat overlooking the canal at Rathmines bridge.

Happy student days BD

Management company has confirmed original planning was for residential use (so current owners obviously not complying).

Correct - no parking. Can buy a space for circa 15k I believe.

On this you’ll need a protected corridor going from the top to the bottom.
The way I understand the drawings is that the attic plan is “mirrored” compared to the lower floor plan.
The entrance stairs being on the east of the lower floor, the stairs to the attic being on the west.
In which case, the stairs to the attic lands in the kitchen - a big problem.
Basically that proposed layout is completely useless - the designer needs to have a clue about Building Regs before starting.

Thanks superman. Actually, the entrance staircase (from ground level, through the red door on the main photo) enters the “kitchen”. The stairs up to the attic are from the hall. Not exactly sure of the orientation, but I would say the entrance stairways are to the North, the stairs to the attic are to the South.
You still think this is problematic?

Even worse actually! It means in a fire everyone dies - not just the people in the attic…
It needs a redesign.

how much would be conversion costs (labour+furniture+material) for fitting bathroom + kitchen?

they also appear to be very vague about management fees: have been waiting for these to be confirmed over the past two weeks :angry:

I would put the bedroom 1 in the living room and put a partition along the line where the room widens. I’d put the kitchen where bedroom 1 is (beside hotpress, bathroom for plumbing and waste) with 1hr partition and door and the remaining space would be living. The third bedroom looks tiny so add that to bedroom 2 and you could then build around the stairs to the attic and stick in a door for the fire break. Stick an ensuite in the attic and it will stack down via the shower room

You’ve got a nice sized 3 bed unit then with a lovely large master suite. A bit if jigery Pokery with partitions between bed 1 and 2 could get you a study if wanted. I would hazard a guess that this is all stud partitions so easy to demolish and rearrange, no major structural work

+1 - yet people out there seem happy to bid without this information - last I heard, bidding was at 175k

Then the living area would then be at the back of the apt - which is East facing, therefore wouldn’t get much natural light. I think it would be nicer if your living area could be to the front.

Would this really address the issues raised by superman? Seems to think you need a protected corridor/staircase going from top to bottom?

Not sure you’d get a shower in the attic “room” - pretty tight for space, particularly height

How long is a piece of string? Quality of finish aside, I think it really depends on planning regulations / fire safety compliance. If the whole apt needs re-design like superman suggests (move stairs, etc), it could be very costly

Fair enough re orientation, but you need to have the kitchen separated from the stairs with a fire rated partition and, to avoid corridors all over the place that seems like a logical location on plan for the kitchen/dining, I hate twists and turns and angles on corridors, I like nice.neat plans! Depending on the firerating of the ceiling/attic floor you might be able to get away with just a partition and door downstairs…the stairs would need a rearrangement to fit a door etc. upstairs. I think you could, with a bit of planning, fit an ensuite. How about twisting the stairs, last four in a fan to turn the landing 90 degrees for better head height, build around landing for fire break, have the door at 90deg to the existing partition and all the space behind could be the ensuite with skylight (if that area was suitable as a landing it might suit a shower?)

I have this thing where I look at plans online and work out the best way to rearrange…I should seek help :slight_smile:

Nice idea, homemaker!
Not sure if the windows in this place are compliant with fire safety regulations either - they only open out circa 6 inches at the bottom. Does anybody know what the story is with Days hotel behind these apartments? Has it been converted into apartments? I’d imagine if the prospective buyer wanted to buy a car space, would have to try get one from the hotel underground car park.
180k bid on it now - and still no confirmation on management fees.

Fu-k me, even apartments are going for more than the asking.