Attic Insulation

Anyone upgraded their attic insulation lately and able to recommend a reliable company to do same?

I’ve got a couple of quotes ranging from €700 to €1,000 pre €200 grant - does this seem reasonable for a 3 bed semi?

Also I want to put down a few boards for attic storage - obviously this will affect (bed down) the insulation in this area. What’s the best solution - some sort of foam spray insulation for this area or insulation board and put the storage boards over this?


One of the quotes is from a crowd doing an external insulation job near the office - any thoughts?

What I know about insulation you could write on a postage stamp.

Just did this in my place, used

  • 11 rolls of glass wool insulation
  • 2 packs of loft legs
  • box of screws
  • any suitable board for storage

Use loft legs to raise up the level for storage board (usually just around the hatch), lay your insulation out in two layers perpendicular to each other to a suitable depth, pop on your boards to the legs and your done. For the hatch i stuck some leftover 90mm wall insulation to the back of the wooden hatch.

Any tips on the best way to insulate an attic door that has a Stira stuck on it?
I can feel a cool draught when I stand under it.

Thanks, I just don’t trust myself to do it. I’m the mister Bean of DIY.

I’m no handy andy either, but it is fairly straight forward, if not quite awkward. If you can get someone to help you for laying and rolling out of the insulation particularly as you get to the outer edges it is a great help.

You may just find a rubber door seal, stuck around the frame of the entrance hatch might be your only option in the scenario you describe?


If you’re replacing insulation, what do you do with the old stuff?

I used this guy - … actUs.aspx. Did a good job, floored half the attic, insulated the tank etc. It’s not a very technical job.

I went with sheep wool, which was considerably more expensive but scores ultimate eco points and should last much longer than rockwool/glasswool.

You can get one of these … cover.html

I did a DIY version as a temporary fix and you can feel some draught when you move it so it definitely works.

Hello I see have a deal relating to this if that helps .
If you go with them you can let us know if they are any good

I hope you insulated the water tank and pipes… If not do it before Christmas.

+1! The better you insulate the attic the more likely the water pipes are to freeze. People making that mistake kept food on my table a few years back.

should you not insulate under the water tank so? (do insulate the sides and top)

For those going down the DIY route:

If you have downlighters in the bedrooms make sure you cover them with earthen pots as those fuckers create a lot of heat perhaps enough to cause a fire if not covered correctly even if you are using Philips Master 4 watt LEDs and not the 50watt wallet emptying kind,they need to be covered. … p=74830357

Such a shame paddy147 was banned on boards - he was always great for DIY info and tons of pics.

Was it something to do with plugging a certain type of light bulb?

I had bought the stuff (grey pipe insulation stuff and bag) but not fitted yet. Would I be right in saying the tank is less likely to freeze? Also I can’t get access to underside of tank, does this matter much?

Did you use the loft legs for just a small section or the whole attic?