Attitude to empty properties will shape market (Irish Times)

as I often said

Its the Empties Stoopid

and we are now at over 300k empties, I would estimate between 330k and 350k .

The IT underreported the figure which was 275k full time empties in April 2006 + 25k ‘temporary absences’ = 300k in reality.

My God the Irish Times dares to lift the blanket covering the stinking fetid corpse (the Irish property market) lying in the corner of the room. I guess trying to cover the smell with scented gushing articles insisting that the market was in the rudest of health was no longer plausible.

Yes that’s right Irish Times, it was an enormous speculative bubble staring you right in the face, eyeball to eyeball, screaming. I’M A BUBBLE, I’M A BUBBLE, I’M A humongous BUBBLE AND I’M GOING TO BURST!!!

Interesting from the Times … the article reads like something written by UberBear David McWilliams.

Blue Horseshoe

I don’t know. I wouldn’t under estimate the mainstream media’s ability to tell people what they want to hear.

I believe public sentiment has turned undoubtedly negative. This article reflects that change of sentiment.

Talk it up, talk it down afterall.

Excellent point - while being in many ways the only decent domestic newspaper, many of the IT readership segment are of the “savvy” variety. If they decide withdrawal from property is now a “no-brainer” on the way down in the same way it was “shrewd” on the way up, their chosen media outlet will be the first to reflect this. On most domestic issues there is few better indicators of the elite mainstream mindset than the line taken by the IT. As you have pointed out, if they have now taken the lead and gone ultra negative on property, the rest will follow in time.

Excellent article. Well researched and structured and describes the speculative madness that inflated the Irish property bubble. Cool and calm reporting of the facts and an analysis that explains the bubble in a nutshell. Who was the author?

Public sentiment has definitely tipped over into negative territory since the start of this Summer - denial is now moving to fear.

“increased 354 times”?!?!? what the hell does this mean (increased 354%, increased by a multiple of 354, increased on 354 separate occasions, etc). you would expect more precise language from the “newpaper of record” :slight_smile: … 5142.shtml

Finfacts have some absolutely great graphs and figures in that article!
What do we estimate the empties to be currently! SCARY

330K +

stop right there, didnt uncle tom say there were only 3 empty houses in ireland of which 2 were for horses :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

350.000 vacent properties and the population at best stagnant. Its an absolute disaster.

Send in the clowns.

The clowns are already in. They are sitting pretty in their gilded cages on Kildare Street.

I expect Country Tom will be on the radio tomorrow bleating the line of only 30,000 empties and no ghost estates…

Is this the first time that the mainstream media have actually published 250k+ empties figures?
Finally somebody is starting to ask the right questions.

I remember when I said it to an obnoxious taxi driver a few months ago and he nearly crashed the car in shock.